Module 1 Patch 3

Release Notes 2006-04-19


  • Quest items should no longer get deleted when players go linkdead.
  • Players will no longer be able to enter a completed quest for additional experience reward without retaking the quest. Note: Two quests only were broken in this manner. This change only fixes those two broken quests, not our game mechanic as a whole.
  • Fixed several stuck points throughout the world.
  • Fixed the problem where sometimes scrolling your mousewheel would not zoom your camera in and out.
Postern Gate Wilds 2006.04.14
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Postern Gate Wilds  裏門の荒れ地


These woods are home to wild beasts and gigantic vermin.

Module 1 Patch 2

Release Notes 2006-04-12

  • Scorched Caverns/Taming the Flames: The optional objectives will correctly advance. This adventure is now open again.
  • Several issues with Velah the Dragon’s spellcasting have been fixed, and we have updated some problem areas in the Plane of Night.
  • Glyphs of Ward-Breaking from the Plane of Night will now appear in the trade window when attempting to trade them to a party member.
  • Monsters should once again switch targets normally. Intimidate and diplomacy function again.
  • Monster’s self-healing behavior should be much rarer than before.
  • Class icons should now be appearing properly in LFM want ads.
  • Friends who had appeared on your friends list prior to Module 1 should now appear on it again.
  • Feeblemind is now curable by casting "Restoration" and will be until players are capable of casting the “Heal” spell.
  • You may now use rest shrines while you have an ability scores at 0 or are otherwise helpless.
  • Missile Combat has been restored to its previous state – you will now be able to fire arrows while moving again.
  • Xorian Cipher: Gatekeeper Chulkash will now allow you to get a reward if you accidentally closed the window.

Module 1

DDO Release Notes: Dragon's Vault

This update contains the first content update to DDO, the Dragon’s Vault Module! Can you gain access to the impenetrable Vault of Night?

  • Fight in the notorious Tharashk Arena, defeating all other combatants to survive.
  • Explore the most dangerous prison of all – that of a mind locked in torment, in The Prison of the Mind.
  • Discover the hideous secret that has ruined the Haywire Foundry.
  • Delve into the subterranean depths of the Jungles of Khyber.
  • After you’ve conquered all four of those dungeons, the most challenging and compelling dungeon experience of all awaits you – the Vault of Night, as you face the full array of Kundarak magic and tricks meant to keep you out…or kill you.
  • If you somehow manage to defeat the Vault of Night, you can earn your rich rewards…there remains just one last obstacle…

In addition to the Dragon’s Vault chain of quests, there is even more great content to explore!

  • Fight against the first vampire boss in DDO…you’ll love this challenge.
  • Stop a planar invasion in “The Xorian Cipher”
  • Explore the immense demesne of the Arzag-Khor…can you acquire the Tear of Dhakaan?
  • Stop the nefarious plans of the Grave Robber
  • Can you uncover all the secrets of Stromvauld’s Mine?
  • Will you aid the Bounty Hunter and bring down an infamous assassin?
  • And more!

We’ve opened the gates to Kobold Island: a fun and replayable landscape experience for new players still getting a feel for what their characters can do in combat.