From: Battlemaster Dint
Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Swordcaptqain

Dear [Your name],
The news of your daring exploits against Cormyr's enemies have come to our ears. The Purple Dragon Knights have therefore seen fit to grant you the honorary rank of Swordcaptain. Battlemaster Dint looks forward to congratulating you in Eveningstar, and presenting you with a reward.

(You have continued to gain favor with the Purple Dragon Knights. Speak with Battlemaster Dint in Eveningstar for a loyal Spotted Wolf Pup that will accompany you on your travels.)
In The Flesh 2011.03.30
In The Flesh

adventure pack: Harbinger of Madness

Bestowed by: Hector Hyssop
In: The Harbor
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter:  Harborview Lofts
Level: 15
Length:  long

Chronicle reporter Hector Hyssop has tracked down the person - or thing - responsible for creating the Taken. He wants you to put an end to the horror of the Taken once and for all.
According to Hector, the mastermind behind the Taken is hiding out in a rented loft in the Harbor. Enter the Harborview Lofts to confront this sinister figure.

Sinister Storage 2011.03.30
Sinister Storage  不気味な貯蔵庫

adventure pack: Harbinger of Madness

Bestowed by: Parker Pipewort
In: The Harbor
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter:  Creative Objects Storage
Level:  15
Length: medium

Base XP: Casual  1,219 XP  /  Normal  2,116 XP  /  Hard  2,200 XP  /  Elite  2,284 XP
Favor: Casual 3  /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Ratron: The Free Agents

Chronicle worker Parker Pipewort is writing a story on the Taken creatures that recently appeared in Stormreach. He's made a connection between the creatures and a warehouse in the Harbor, and he wants you to investigate.
Enter the 'Creative Objects Storage' in the Harbor and find out what's going on.

Fear Factory 2011.03.30
Fear Factory  恐怖の工場

adventure pack: Harbinger of Madness

Bestowed by: Felicity Mallow
In: The Harbor
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Blode's Curio Shop
Level: 15
Length: medium

Felicity Mallow, a reporter for the Stormreach Chronicle, has a tip on where the Taken creatures come from. According to her sources, a man named Morley Blode is connected with creating the Taken.
Enter Blode's Curio Shop. in the Harbor and try to learn how the Taken are made.

From: Olarra Idlewist
Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Friend

My good [Your name], I was hoping we could chat. You've been of service to our little order of the harp, and I would like to thank you in person. Yours in song, Olarra Idlewist

(By completing quests that aid The Harpers, you have impressed them enough to earn a reward. Speak with Olarra Idlewist in the Eveningstar tavern, the Lonesome Tankard, to claim a special item.)

From: Nyx Durandimion
Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Veteran Status II

[Your name],
 I have had more visions of experienced adventurers from Khorvaire arriving via the Airship in the Marketplace. Please find me in the Harbor so I might explain more to you about these new adventurers and how your destiny entwines with theirs.

 Nyx Durandimion,
 Thrice-Honored Elder of the Venomblade Tribe

 (You now have access to Veteran Status II. When you create new characters, you can now start at level 4, 7, or you can decline the xp and start at level 1. Speak to Nyx Durandimion in the Harbor to officially unlock this feature on your account on this server.)

From: The DDO Store
Subject: Free DDO Store Points for You!

Well done! For reaching 3,000 total favor you have been given a Favor Reward. You now have an additional 25 Points to spend at the DDO Store!

Just click the DDO Store coin icon in the main menu to start shopping. And keep playing new quests, because for every 100 favor you earn with any character, you will receive another gift of free Points. Good luck!

From: The DDO Store
SUbject: Special Reward - Free DDO Store Points!

Congratulations! As a special bonus to you in recognition for the first time you’ve achieved 3,000 total favor on the Thelanis game world, you have been given 100 additional Points to spend at the DDO Store!

To enter the DDO Store and start shopping, just click the gold coin icon in the main menu bar.

The more new quests you complete, the more Points you will be awarded. Happy adventuring!
DDO Store Coupon Guide
March 24, 2011

What is a Coupon?

Coupons provide a new option for granting the discounts you crave! There may be several flavors of coupons we’ll use over time, granting discounts to specific items, entire categories, a whole shopping cart, and even point bundles.

How do I use a Coupon?

Great question! To make this coupon guide a little more fun, we’ve created a coupon for you to use as you read along. The coupon code is DEMOCOUPON1, and it will grant you 5% off your next purchase in the DDO Store. This coupon will discount your entire shopping cart, but may only be used once. Now, let’s get started!

First, add an item(s) to your shopping cart. Browse the store or do a search to find the item you want, and then click the BUY button next to that item. To add more items, either click the DDO Store icon in the upper-right corner to go to the Store homepage, or click the Continue Shopping link to return to the previous view.
Continue Shoppingのリンクをクリックしてください。

On the Shopping Cart page simply enter your coupon code in the “Enter Code” box and hit apply coupon. You can either type the coupon or cut and paste it into the coupon field (Ctrl-C to copy, then click in the coupon field in the Store and hit Ctrl-V to paste).
Enter Code(コードを入力)」の欄にクーポンコードを入力し、apply coupon(クーポンを適用)ボタンをクリックするだけです。クーポン入力欄にタイプ入力するかコピー・アンド・ペースト(Ctrl-Cでコピー、その後クーポン入力欄にフォーカスしてCtrl-Vでペースト)することができます。

The price column will remain the same, but you’ll see the total has decreased 5%

Once you’ve placed and finalized the order, your receipt page will show you your reduced total. This will also be visible in your order history. That’s all there is to it!


Where can I find coupons?


You never know where a coupon offer might appear. Keep an eye on our twitter feeds (@DDOUnlimited and @DDOSTORE)  , Facebook, the Official Forums, and your inbox!
(@DDOUnlimited and @DDOSTORE) やフェイスブック公式フォーラム、そしてあなたのメールボックスから目を離さないように…。

Are there any restrictions on using coupons?

Coupons may have restrictions such as minimum shopping cart value, number of uses per person, and maximum number of uses per coupon ("only works for the first 100 people", etc). If your coupon has any restrictions, they’ll be listed wherever you found the coupon.

My coupon code isn’t working, what gives?

Your Coupon may have an expiration date or it may have reached its maximum number of uses. Additionally, some coupons only work on a specific offer. You should always double check any restrictions on your coupon if you encounter this issue.

My percentage discount isn’t as large as it should be. Is there a limit on how much can be discounted?

Yes, some coupons may provide a percentage or fixed discount, whichever is smaller. So if the coupon is 40% off, it may only offer 40% up to 500 points off, at which point no additional Turbine points will be discounted. The rules affecting a coupon should be clearly defined when a coupon is issued by Turbine.

How do I remove an invalid coupon code so I can buy something?

If your coupon code is invalid, you can hit “Edit Shopping Cart” to bring you back to the checkout page and remove the coupon.
“Edit Shopping Cart(ショッピングカートを編集)” を押してチェックアウトページに戻り、クーポンを削除することが出来ます。

If I enter a coupon and don’t apply it, is it used up?

No. A coupon is only used once applied to a shopping cart or item and then a transaction completed. See above for information on how to remove a coupon.

Items at the checkout page are priced incorrectly when I use the coupon, am I being charged the wrong amount?

Use of coupons in the DDO Store may cause the price of individual items (under Total Price) to display incorrectly, but the Cart Total will reflect the correct value to be charged.


The Land of Xen'drik

Your adventures in Dungeons & Dragon Online begin on the wild and untamed continent of Xen’drik! A tropical land of Eberron, it is home to a variety of terrains, flora, and fauna. From tall snowy peaks jutting out from tropical jungle, to scorching sandy wastelands, Xen’drik is shrouded in mystery and is the perfect place to shape your fate!

  • Earn a name for yourself in the trade city of Stormreach
  • Investigate feral wildernesses and outposts
  • Defend settlers of the islands and shores of Xen'drik
  • Combat hostile tribes of monsters and bandits

Cut your own path into the wild continent that is Xen’drik today! To learn more, read our other
Game Info articles, or try it today, it's free for subscribers!

Olarra Idelewist 2011.03.24
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Olarra Idelewist
Harper Friend

Harper Scout
Ah, lsako. It is good to see you well. Better than well, if all I hear of your deeds is true. We have called you friend, and now we wish to offer you a place among our order. I bestow on you the rank of Harper Scout.
▸ I am honored.

Do not worry. There are not many obligations upon you as a Harper Scout. When we have work for you, we WI" find you. Beside that, be a force for good, and work to preserve all that makes us more than beasts and rufflans. Of course, you have long sen/ed the gneater good. Else you would not be a Harper.
▸ You flatter me.

Master Harper
To tell you the truth, I am embarrassed that you have done so much for The Harpers, and we have thanked you so little. ‘Harper Scout‘ hardly suits someone of your accomplishments, Aslal From henceforth, it will be Harper Agent, and nothing less!
▸ I am humbled. Thank you.

Does the title Harper Agent suit your fancy, ***? You have earned it — and then some!
▸ It's a gift I'll wear proudly, Olarra.

Hi all,

We were trying to see if we could get the first tier of the Divine Avenger into Update 9 along with the first two tiers of the Angel of Vengeance to make everyone happy, but deadlines combined with other events have crushified those hopes and dreams. The Divine Avenger hit some snags, and isn't going to be able to make it into the next release. Sorry about that.

We will have two tiers of the Angel of Vengeance in Update 9.

The Angel of Vengeance is intended to be the offensive casting oriented prestige enhancement line for the Favored Soul, though on the bright side, the Angel of Vengeance as currently implemented should be somewhat useful for melee characters as well. They exhibit some Archon traits and introduce the wrath of the gods to their enemies.

Here's our current tier one version of the PrE:

Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance I*
フェーヴァード・ソウル エンジェル・オヴ・ヴェンジェンス I (復讐の天使 I)
Level 6 Favored Soul, Favored Soul Smiting II, Favored Soul Energy of the Scion II, and any one of the following: Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Heighten Spell, Spell Focus: Conjuration, or Spell Focus: Evocation

Cost: 4 AP
コスト:4 AP
Benefit: The only thing stronger than your faith is the fire you use to burn away those who stand against the will of the gods. Enemies that strike you have a chance of suffering divine condemnation rendering them vulnerable to divine attacks, and you project a 15 meter Aura of Menace, decreasing the saving throws, attack, and armor class of nearby enemies by 2. You deal 20% additional damage with spells that deal fire, physical, or untyped damage, and can name an ally your 'Champion', transferring your shield of condemnation to them and damaging opponents that strike them in melee.

 Shield of Condemnation [シールド・オヴ・カンデムネイション] 譴責の盾
Benefit: Enemies that strike you have a chance of suffering divine condemnation, increasing their vulnerability to light and alignment-based damage by 20%, and decreasing their fortification by 10%. This debuff stacks up to 5 times, and is dispelled by Bless effects.

Name Champion [ネーム・チャンピオン] 護り手の命名
You name an ally your Champion. Several Angel of Vengeance abilities target your Champion. You can only have one Champion at a time, and it must be another player or a hireling in your party, or a monster which you have personally summoned.

Crown of Retribution [クラウン・オヴ・リトリビューション] 懲罰の冠
You transfer your Shield of Condemnation to your Champion as long as they remain within your Aura of Menace. Enemies that strike your Champion while this is active also take 1d8+1 points of light damage from your divine wrath.

We were looking to make the Angel of Vengeance a beneficial enhancement line if you're playing solo or in virtually any group. If you're by yourself, your Aura of Menace and Shield of Condemnation can make your job a little bit easier - or you can summon a pet and name them your Champion. If you have a party, you can name someone else your Champion and stay near the action, but be contributing in several ways.

The enhancement essentially expands your Smiting line to affect important divine damage spells that currently are not enhanceable, and some of the spell changes made in Update 9 help out a lot with the spell point efficiency of offensive casters.

Crown of Retribution is a toggled skill - while it's active, your Champion gains the buff (and steals your Shield of Condemnation) anytime they're within your Aura of Menace. If they leave your Aura, the Crown will fade, but it will reapply automatically if they reenter it again. If you toggle it off (or your Champion dies), the effect will end and you'll regain your Shield of Condemnation.

I'll be at the PAX East booth on Saturday mid-morning to early afternoon - take part in our event and then come talk to me and ask me about "badgers". Or "lasers". Or better yet, "badgers with lasers".
I'll share some information on the second tier.

*Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord--Romans 12:19
**アナグマ=ノーム? レーザー=エラドリン?
Fang of Siberys 2011.03.01
Fang of Siberys
 ▸ +5 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically
 enhanced. Armor with this quality gains a +5
 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons with this quality
 gain a +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.

 ▸ Peals of Thunder: This weapon is filled with the power
 of a storm cloud. Occasionally, this thunderous power is
 unleashed, applying a lasting effect that deals 2 to 8
 sonic damage every two seconds for six seconds. If the
 effect is reapplied before it wears off, the effect will stack
 and the duration will reset. The effect can be stacked up
 to 3 times.
▸ Cloudburst: Every hit from this weapon has a chance to
 trigger a Cloudburst striking its target with a bolt of
▸ Pure Good: This weapon is infused with the power of
 Pure Good. It does an additional 1 to 6 damage to non-
 good targets and can only be wielded by Good aligned
A powerful and fear-inspiring blade that, though it is not in any way forged from the tooth of a dragon, is said to hold some small measure of the might of the Dragon Above. It visits the sky's wrath upon its foes.