Of Special Note:

Divine Crusader

The Divine Crusader is a righteous warrior who purifies and consecrates the ground he walks on to confront evil head on. Through a mix of melee power, offensive spell power and auras, and aggressive debuffing, the Divine Crusader presents a potent melee damage-dealing option in the Divine Epic Destiny sphere.

News & Notes


  • Eldritch Knight's Wand and Scroll Mastery now functions.
  • Paladin Sacred Defender stance now properly allows for weapon swapping and wand/shield or scroll/shield usage without losing its benefits.
  • Warpriest's Inflame benefit no longer stops working after a random number of uses.
  • Music of the Sewers, Music of the Makers, and Music of the Dead now have their appropriate saving throws, durations, and functionality.
  • Deepwood Stalker's Stealthy enhancement has had its cost reduced to one Action Point per rank.

Epic Destinies

  • Draconic Incarnation
    • Breath attacks now benefit from abilities that affect the associated element. The breath attacks also benefit from Draconic Spell Augmentation.
  • Exalted Angel
    • New:
      • Soundburst SLA
      • Sun Bolt SLA
      • Mass Cure Light Wounds SLA
      • Piercing Spellcraft: A Spell Penetration bonus that does not stack with Piercing Spellcraft from the Magister Epic Destiny
      • Shadows Upon You: A targeted foe becomes cursed with Shadows Upon You, reducing all saving throws by -2/-4/-6. Whenever the foe is damaged by spells or attacks, saving throws are reduced by an addition -1, stacking up to ten times.
    • Changed:
      • Divine Wrath no longer requires Ardor to cast. Cooldown and spell point costs have been increased. This is now affected by the Quicken Metamagic.
      • Reborn in Light's cooldown has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. The counter requirements have been reduced to 25.
    • Replaced:
      • Leap of Faith has been replaced as an innate ability with a Transcendent Magic Spell DC bonus. Leap of Faith has been moved to Tier 5.
      • Renewal has been moved from the Exalted Angel epic destiny to the Unyielding Sentinel epic destiny. This ability requires being in the Unyielding Sentinel epic destiny to self-target.
    • Blessed Blades now shows its effects in weapon damage properties.
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Boulder Toss is no longer considered a spell (which means that it can be used in an Antimagic Field), and no longer benefits from Spell Power. The damage has been increased.
  • Unyielding Sentinel
    • New:
      • Unyelding Sentinel now grants 40 spell points per destiny level.
      • Divine Energy Resistance: You and nearby allies gain +35 Enhancement bonus to resist Energy for 1 minute per character level. (Includes Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, and Sonic.) This benefit shares the same bonus type as the Resist Energy spell.
      • Commanding Presence: +50/100/150% Threat Generation
      • Strength of Vitality: +10/15/20% Insight bonus to maximum hit points.
      • Resurrection SLA
    • Moved:
      • Bane of Undeath, Confront Any Foe, and Endless Turning have been moved from Unyielding Sentinel to the Divine Crusader epic destiny.
      • Renewal has been moved from Exalted Angel to Unyielding Sentinel. Requires being in Unyielding Sentinel to self-target.
      • Block Energy is now lowered to Tier 2.
    • Changed:
      • Light the Dark now accepts the Quicken and Empower Healing metamagic feats, benefits 50% more from Spell Power, and has had its cooldown increased to 12 seconds.
      • Hardened has been upgraded to add +5/10/15 Armor Class.


  • Ruin now has a visual effect.
  • Improved Shield Mastery now explicitly states that it is a unique Doublestrike bonus.
  • Blinding Speed now properly adds +1 to Reflex saving throws.


  • The Magical d20, Card Cruncher, and Classic D&D Collectible Cards must now be in their bag in order to be placed into a bank.
  • Classic D&D Cards can no longer be placed into the Auction Houses.
  • Potions that are listed as Target: Self, Friend are now properly usable on other players again.
  • The Libram of Silver Magic has had several effects fixed. Its base version now has +20 Spellcraft, and the upgrade now brings the +10 Intelligence and Charisma to +11. The item is also now Bound to Character on Equip. These changes are not retroactive to items already created.
  • The Dethek Runestone's Stone Paws effect now works correctly.
  • Thunder-Forged Weapons upgraded with Spell Power upgrades at Tier 1 are now considered to be Implements, and grant Implement bonuses to Universal Spell Power.
  • The Shadow Guardian upgrade for Shadowscale Armor now properly bestows 60 Damage Reduction when below 75% health.
  • The Shadow Striker upgrade for Shadowscale Armor now properly grants its Alacrity bonuses.
  • There are two new recipes for Shadowscale Docents, which grant the following:
    • Shadow Striker: like the Shadow Striker upgrade for non-docents, but requires Mithril or Adamantine Body in order to function.
    • Shadow Guardian: Like the Shadow Guardian upgrade for non-docents, but requires Adamantine Body in order to function.
    • NOTE: Artificer Iron Defenders can use these docents if they have the Homunculus Adamantine Plating IV Enhancement.
  • Thunder-Forged Weapon recipes now have descriptions.
  • Using an Owlbear Cookie now has a visual effect.
  • Some thrown weapons that were not being thrown properly now are.
  • Fire Dragon Phlogistons and Shadow Dragon Phlogistons are no longer called Fire Dragon Souls and Shadow Dragon Souls in the Magma Forge.


  • Necromancers have had their "cause lag" attacks removed. They should also no longer become unresponsive or attempt to run to a skeleton or zombie in order to raise them. Players will also notice a new spell effect for their raise spell, so players can see what they are doing.
  • Giant knockback now only applies on successful hits, and no longer applies on overhead smash attacks. Blocking continues to prevent this knockback.

Monster Manual

  • The Monster Manual has been updated to include the latest creatures from Update 21.

  • Players above level 20 can now enter PvP Arena instances (Capture the Flag and Deathmatch arenas.)

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Spell Wards can now be spotted from five meters further away than before.
  • Thunderholme Guest Passes can now be bestowed on level 25 characters.
  • A Study in Sable
    • This quest is now shareable.
  • Breaking the Ranks
    • Charming monsters in this quest can no longer cause too many monsters to spawn.
  • Brothers of the Forge
    • This quest is now shareable.
  • Druid's Curst
    • Halsaime will no longer simultaneously be in both his wolf and bear forms.
  • Escort the Expedition
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the objective "Slay Basthuul" to not be abe to be completed.
  • Eveningstar
    • Azerie Germond now reads from her own script.
  • Fire on Thunder Peak
    • The introductory Dungeon Master lines now all play correctly, and do not cut each other off.
  • Gianthold
    • The Fog of War is now properly cleared away from the map once all of the Words of the Ancient Ones are discovered.
  • Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
    • This quest is now shareable.
    • An un-voiced line at the end of the extended version of the quest now has audio.
    • The Fallen Giant's spear can now be picked up by characters with a full inventory.
    • The Dimension Door to the dragon is no longer dispellable.
    • The Defeat Whisper objective now properly checks off in the quest panel.
    • Secret Door detection notices now properly go away when a lever is pulled to open a door.
    • The quest entry panel will no longer list various versions of the quest as CR 9.
    • The mimic now spawns correctly on casual difficulty.
  • House Cannith Manufactury
    • The number of monsters has been reduced in some areas to improve performance in some sections of the raid group enabled part of the adventure area..
    • The threshhold to trigger green Dungeon Alert has been lowered in some sections of the raid group enabled part of the adventure area, which means that green Dungeon Alert will trigger more frequently. However, we have set it up so that fewer monsters are spawned when a party or raid group reaches green Dungeon Alert in this area as well to improve performance. Raid groups in the Thunderholme advenutre area should interpret Green Dungeon Alert as, "Reduced monster spawning mode has been turned on."
  • Impossible Demands
    • Vicala Szind will now always be able to properly go through the initial door.
  • King's Forest
    • The dialogue windows on the encounters Hag's Prize and Deal with a Dragon now properly close.
    • NPCs are now visible in the Dividing the Loot encounter.
    • Former Neighbors now correctly gives two Commendations of Heroism on completion.
  • Orphne's Haven
    • The dungeon difficulty UI no longer comes up when you enter Orphne's Haven. The UI still comes up normally when you actually enter the Prison of the Mind dungeon.
  • Rest Stop
    • Fire mephits are no longer frozen and unresponsive.
    • Keldran Shadeskein's chest now teleports with him. Players no longer have to backtrack to the first corridor where they encounter Keldran in order to loot his chest.
  • Sane Asylym
    • The Dungeon Master will no longer ask you to free Fred after Fred has been freed.
  • Temple of the Deathwyrm
    • Players can now enter the fourth Phylactery Room.
    • A lever in the Trap Room has been fixed so it can no longer become permanently disabled.
    • Removed a set of mirrors and relay points from the Shadowfell side of the end fight that did nothing.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the raid to become incompletable if both first floor challenge rooms were completed.
    • Several of Aurgloroasa's lines that were not playing now are.
    • Fixed some sound issues.
  • The Enemy Within
    • Skeletons will now fall when the floors under them break.
  • The Lord of Blades
    • The bottom Power Link pillars are now tab targetable.
  • The Titan Awakes
    • The window of time that players have to hit the Titan with the laser has been returned to its intended timing. And there was much rejoicing.
  • Thunder Peak
    • The number of monsters has been reduced in some areas to improve performance.
    • The threshhold to trigger green Dungeon Alert has been lowered, which means that green Dungeon Alert will trigger more frequently. However, we have set it up so that fewer monsters are spawned when a party or raid group reaches green Dungeon Alert in this area as well to improve performance. Raid groups in the Thunderholme advenutre area should interpret Green Dungeon Alert as, "Reduced monster spawning mode has been turned on."
    • Sarva's breath attacks now have a working Reflex save. The attack now has a chance to apply various effects from the Draconic Incarnation Epic Destiny as well.


  • Resetting Hints in the UI panel will now reset the death UI pop-up.
  • Players will no longer have to log out and then back in in order to see Anniversary Cards in their Image Gallery.
  • Players are now able to use the Shards for Cake revival mechanism in a PvP zone (since they can use Siberys Spirit Cakes in PvP zones.)
  • The Shards for Cake "Do not auto-show this in quests" option now functions correctly.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Character can once again get their second Coin Lord Favor inventory slot if they have already purchased all available inventory slots in the DDO Store.

Known Issues

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