Tavern Brawl 2015.10.09
Tavern Brawl  酒場の大乱闘

Adventure Pack: The Devil's Gambit (CR: 14 and 30, 450 TP,  Free to VIPs)
Quest Chain:

Bestowed by: Orinus Arundul
In: The Eberron Hall of Heroes
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter:  The Portable Hole (The Eberron Hall of Heroes)
Level: 14  /  Epic Level: 30
Length: Short

Heroic XP: Casual 1,010  XP   /   Normal 1,756 XP   /   Hard 1,828 XP   /   Elite 1,900 XP
Epic XP: Casual 4,849  XP   /   Normal 8,287 XP   /   Hard 8,493 XP   /   Elite 8,698 XP
Favor: Casual 2 / Normal 4 / Hard 8 / Elite 12
Patron: The Gatekeepers

The Devils have attacked Stormreach's arcane tavern in their search for something called the Transfinite Compass. Travel to the Portable Hole and try to stop the fiends from destroying the pub's pocket dimension.

Quest Objects
□ Speak with Waveland Tharmus
□ Rescue the wizards inside the tavern: left 4
□ Stop Fortis
□ (Optional) Find manuscript pages: left 4

Green Abishai  CR: ?/?/18  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Abishai
Black Abishai  CR: ?/?/18  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Abishai
Red Abishai  CR: ?/?/18  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Abishai
Blue Abishai  CR: ?/?/18  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Abishai
  ▸ Regeneration
Orthon Warder  CR: ?/?/19  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Devil
Forthis <Lieutenant of Arraetrikos>  CR: ?/?/22  Type: Native Outsider  Race: Tiefling

Wavelend Tharmus
Iryden Wendvine
Xammar Kuth
Granix the Younger


Score Card
Monsters killed  (*/66)
  32  Aggression bonus.  +10% Bonus.
  42  Onslaught bonus!  +15% Bonus.
  52  **Conquest bonus**  +25% Bonus.
Traps disabled  (*/0)
Seecret doors discovered  (*/0)
Breakables smashed  (*/22)
  12  Mischief bonus.  +8% Bonus.
  15  Vandal bonus!  +10% Bonus.
  19  **Ransack bonus**  +15% Bonus.

Orinus Arundul  オリナス・アランダル
It was chaos! Devils everywhere! The Portable Hole smashed to bits!
And the Transfinite Compass. They took the Compass!

▸ I can take care of those Devils for you.
I will send you to the Portable Hole. Perhaps you can recover the Transfinite Compass. And if not, perhaps you can help any wizards still trapped there.
There was one fellow who refused to leave. He kept droning on an on about saving his manuscript. Absurd! Any fool can see the Compass is more important than some pedant's scribblings, if only because the Compass....
▸ Just hurry up and send me to the Portable Hole.
  ⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ Calm down. I can't help you if you don't explain what's going on.

▸ Close Window.

Portable Hole
(Dungeon Master): The Devils of Shavarath have overrun The Portable Hole, an arcane tavern hidden deep inside a pocket dimension.
(NPC): Wavelend Tharmus tells you, 'Finally, someone who can help! The Devils are running amok inside the tavern. They barged in - completely uninvited - and attacked without warning!
I think they may have injured some of the wizards ... the others teleported away as soon as the Devils showed up.
I would have left myself except I left my manuscript inside. I've been working on it for years, you know. It's my only copy! You see, there's long been a controversy about certain methods of Divination ....'

(NPC): You tell Wavelend Tharmus, 'Just bring down this magic barrier, and I'll deal with the Devils.'
(Dungeon Master): "Rescue the others," says the wizard. "Their magic can help you against the Devils. Oh, and keep your eyes open for my manuscript!"
(Say): Wavelend Tharmus says, 'Find my manuscript! Oh, and help the other wizards before the Devils get to them.'
(Dungeon Master): "Too late!" thunders Arraetrikos. "The Transfinite Compass is already mine. All that remains is for Fortis here to demolish this tawdry little tavern while I return to Shavarath."
(Dungeon Master): "Fortis - use the Codex page I gave you. That will give you the arcane energy you need to collapse the pocket dimension." With that, the Devil Leader disappears through a portal.
(Dungeon Master): "Yes! I can feel the power!" shouts the Tiefling "I'll snap the spells holding this place together like twigs!"
(Dungeon Master): "Huh. This is harder than it looks! Need to concentrate ... and that means no distractions!" A magical barrier envelops the Tiefling, protecting him while he works to destroy the Portable Hole's enchantments.

(NPC): Hasud tells you, 'One can't even have a simple drink on another Plane without being interrupted by Devils!'
(NPC): You tell Hasud, 'Help me fight against them. Then you can drink in peace!'
(Say): Hasud says, 'I will attempt to negate the Tiefling's protective enchantment - but I may need assistance!'
(Dungeon Master): The freed mage attempts to dispel the magic protecting the Tiefling. Rescue more wizards and their combined efforts will bring the barrier down.

(NPC): Irydn Wendvine tells you, 'What ... what's happening?'
(NPC): You tell Irydn Wendvine, 'The Devils are trying to destroy the tavern. We have to stop them!'

(Say): Irydn Wendvine says, 'I'll do what I can to bring the barrier down. Attack the tiefling the second it falls!'

(NPC): Xanmar Kuth tells you, 'Thank you ... What are these Devils doing here?'
(NPC): You tell Xanmar Kuth, 'They're trying to destroy the Portable Hole. You have to help me stop them!'
(Say): Xanmar Kuth says, 'I'll try to bring down the Tiefling's magic barrier - but I'll need some help!'

(NPC): Granix the Younger tells you, 'Curse those Devils! How dare they lay hands on me?'
(NPC): You tell Granix the Younger, 'Help me defeat them - or they'll destroy the tavern!'
(Say): Granix the Younger says, 'Very well, I will try to bring down the barrier. When it falls, attack the Tiefling!'

(Dungeon Master): The combined power of all four wizards shatters the Tiefling's magical barrier.
Fortis comes after you with a snarl on his lips. "Enough! I'm gonna tear you to bits. When that's done, I'll make this Hole live up to its name!"

(Dungeon Master): "Get off of me!"
(Say): Fortis says, 'Need a rest ... I'll let the Devils play with you for a while!'
(Say): Fortis says, 'I'll bring you down with the rest of this tavern!'
(Dungeon Master): You stopped Fortis from destroying the Portable Hole's pocket dimension. Stormreach's arcane community owes you a drink or three.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.

(Dungeon Master): You've found all the pages of the wizard's manuscript. It looks like it's just as deadly dull as he made it sound.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.
目標達成! 0XP

Contact: Orinus Arundul
You prevented the Devils from destroying the Portable Hole, though Arraetrikos managed to escape during the confusion with the Transfinite Compass. Return to Orinus Arundul in the Eberron Hall of Heroes and tell him what happened.

Orinus Arundul
My Compass! They still have my Compass!
At least the Portable Hole is still in one piece... many a night I've spent there, sipping a Duty Kobold and discussing oneiromancy.... I suppose the least I can do for someone who saved my favorite tavern is to give them this.

The Devils have attacked the Portable Hole and taken my Transfinite Compass. Go there and teach then a lesson!
  ▸ Repeat the quest "Tavern Brawl".


You prevented the Devils from destroying the Prtable Hole, earning yourself good will in Stormreach's arcane community.