Update 30: 10th Anniversary

Welcome to the Update 30 info and release notes page!

This week, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online. As the celebration continues, we are pleased to bring you Update 30! Alongside new content, we are celebrating you, the players, who have made DDO the amazing game it is!

Anniversary Dungeon

Check out a new anniversary-themed dungeon in House Phiarlan! The Coin Lords are throwing a party to commemorate the founding of Stormreach, and you're invited! There's just one small hitch: the local Kobolds are staging a revolt at the party location. Find out who's behind the revolt! This dungeon is available from level 1-30. Available to play through at least the whole month of March!

New Race: Gnome

The Gnome finally makes its way to DDO. Gnomes are a sharp-witted race that excel in a variety of roles, including arcane spellcasters. They start with a +2 bonus to Intelligence and a -2 penalty to Strength. This purchase allows you to create new Gnome characters on any server. FREE FOR VIPs!

New Iconic Hero: Deep Gnome Illusionist
Start at level 15 with a powerful Deep Gnome Earthen Illusionist! Deep Gnomes have access to special racial abilities and unique Illusion spells. This purchase allows you to create new Deep Gnome characters on any server. As Iconic Hero characters, Deep Gnomes also have the ability to use the Hall of Heroes Passport feature when entering the game. FREE FOR VIPs!

Iron Defender Creature Companions
Similar to those that accompany Artificers, now anyone can have a companion version of the Iron Defenders. Available in Silver, Gold and House Cannith variants!

Back For A Limited Time
All Limited Times Items are available through March 6th!
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