Good Intentions 2016.05.23
Good Intentions  善意

Update 31: Gnomework!

Bestowed by: Orben Romblemore
In: The Harbor
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: The Saltire District
Heroic Level: 17
Epic Level:  31
Length: long

Heroic Base XP:  Solo  3,609 XP  /  Normal  6,253 XP  /  Hard  6,489 XP  /  Elite  6,726 XP
Epic Base XP:  Solo   XP  /  Normal   XP  /  Hard  XP  /  Elite  XP
Favor:  Solo 4  /  Normal 7  /  Hard 14  /  Elite 21
Patron:  The Free Agents

Orben Romblemore, inventor and self-described genius, wants you to see his latest invention at the Exposition of the Arcane. Travel to the Saltire District and see what the Gnome has whipped up in his workshop.

Quest Objects
□ Find Orben the Gnome
□ Talk to Orben again about the Animatic
□  Find some Pixie Dust
□  Find the Kobold in the tavern
□  Find the Collector in the south sewers
□  Return Nibbles to Durk
□  Find the ingredients for the wand: 3 left
  杖の材料を見つける:残り 3
□ Defeat the Animatic
□  (Optional) Find and defeat the escaped Monsters: 2 left (Random)
□ (Optional) Slay Harif the Inexorable, the Efreeti
□ (Optional) Slay Oreborer the Umber Hulk
□ (Optional) Slay Alloy the Iron Defender
□ (Optional) Slay Q'arik Ra the Slaad
□  (Optional) Slay Amaranthine the Flesh Golem

Animated Object  CR: 17/20/25  Type: Construct  Race: Animated Object
Animated Daggers  CR: 17/20/25  Type: Construct  Race: Animated Object
Arcane Animated Object  CR: 17/20/25  Type: Construct  Race: Animated Object
Large Animated Object  CR: 19/23/29  Type: Construct  Race: Animated Object
Oreborer <Escaped Umber Hulk>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Construct  Race: Iron Defender
Alloy <Escaped Iron Defender>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Construct  Race: Iron Defender
Harif the Inexorable <Escaped Efreeti>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Evil Outsider  Race: Efreet
Q'arik Ra <Escaped Slaad>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Aberration  Race: Slaad
Amaranthine <Escaped Flesh Golem>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Construct  Race: Golem
The Animatic <Enchanted Golem>  CR: 20/23/28  Type: Construct  Race: Animated Object

Score Card
Monsters killed.  (*/67)
Trap disabled.  (*/2)
  1  Tamper bonus.
Secret doors discovered.  (*/0)
Breakables smashed.
  32  Mischief bonus.  +8%
  42  Vandal bonus!  +10%
  52  **Ransac Bonus**  +15%

Trap DC

Mold  2
Swaying Mushroom Cluster 4
Adventurer's Pack  2
Chipped Bone Talisman 2
Academin Treatise 2
Mushroom  2
Swaying Mushroom Cluster 2
Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod 2



Unique Item
Animated Rope  生きている紐
  Equips to: Waist
  Minimum Level: 17
  Binds to Account on Acquire
   ▸ Diversion +14
   ▸ Dodge Bonus +9
   ▸ Combat Mastery +7
   ▸ Empty Green Augment Slot
   ▸ Mythic Belt Boost +1
  This rope seems to grip without you even needing to tie it.
Loot: End Chest

Magewright's Toolkit  メイジライトの細工道具
  Equips to: Wrists
  Minimum Level: 17
  Binds to Account on Acquire
   ▸ Use Magic Device +3
   ▸ Disable Device +17
   ▸ Open Lock +17
   ▸ Quality Dexterity +2
   ▸ Empty Green Augment Slot
  A full kit of tools normally used by a Magewright attached to a leather bracer for ease of carrying.
Loot: End Chest

Hardened Hide Armor  硬い革鎧
  Equips to: Armor
  Minimum Level: 17
  Binds to Account on Acquire
  Armor Bonus: +24
  Max Dex Bonus: 10
  Spell Failure: 25%
   ▸ +5 Enhancement Bonus
   ▸ Fortification +108
   ▸ Quality Fortification +26
   ▸ Quality Healing Amplification +10
   ▸ Greater Nimbleness
   ▸ Empty Green Augment Slot
  The hardened plates of leather overlapping provide excellent protection while maintaining the mobility of lighter armor.
Loot: End Chest

Ring of Prowess  勇壮の指輪
  Equips to: Finger
  Minimum Level: 17
  Binds to Account on Acquire
   ▸ Deadly +7
   ▸ Accuracy +14
   ▸ Melee Power +2
   ▸ Ranged Power +2
   ▸ Empty Green Augment Slot
  A simple band of durable steel. Wearing it gives you the impression of capability.
Loot: End Chest

Dashing Gloves  派手な手袋
  Equips to: Hands
  Minimum Level: 17
  Binds to Account on Acquire
   ▸ Resonance +108
   ▸ Sonic Lore +15
   ▸ Quality Charisma +2
   ▸ Quality Perform +4
   ▸ Empty Green Augment Slot
  A pair of fingerless leather gloves in the style most often worn by traveling minstrels.
Loot: End Chest

Orben Romblemore
Can it be? [Your name], the famous adventurer? Oh yes, you should be one of the very first to see it!
But where are my manners? My name is Orben Romblemore, an inventor and genius of some renown. I'd like you to invite you to the Exposition of the Arcane in the Saltire District to see my latest, greatest invention!
▸ I'm flattered. Just what is this invention?
Now, now! Lets not ruin the surprise! There will be plenty of time for us to ....
The time! By the Twelve, look at the time! I was supposed to display my invention at the Exposition five minutes ago!
Quickly, [your name] - I'll teleport you to my workshop in the Saltire District. You can find me from there. Just look for my
invention, you can't miss it!
▸ Very well. Teleport me to the Saltire District.
⇒ Quest bestowed
▸ The Saltire District? The last time I was there, it was pretty depopulated.
Oh my, yes. It was terrible! The whole area was practically abandoned after that unpleasantness.
But thanks to your efforts, the Saltire District is making a comeback. Indeed, the neighborhood has become downright fashionable with Stormreach's vibrant magical community. The Exposition of the Arcane shows just how far the area has come!
▸ The Exposition of the Arcane? What's that?
Truth be told, it's mostly just a street fair. You know, a chance to sell some cheap magical trinkets to tourists and adventurers with more money than sense ... oh, no offense intended, my friend!
But it's also an opportunity for the city's best wizards to show off their latest creations. I'd be honored to have a hero such as yourself come to the Exposition to see my latest invention ... an invention that will change Stormreach forever!
▸ So what exactly is this new invention?
⇒ go to #A1
There you are, [your name]. We must get back to the Saltire District and deal with the Animatic!
▸ Let's go!

The Saltire District
(Dungeon Master): Once nearly abandoned, the Saltire District is now home to many of Stormreach's wizards and artificers.
(Dungeon Master): "There you are! Meet me outside, across the canal. I have something to show you!" With that, Orben's image vanishes.
(Dungeon Master): Orben uses magically animated hammers to help craft the wares in his shop.
(Dungeon Master): A nearby wizard displays the strange and exotic creatures she has bound with her magic.
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'The rent's certainly lower here than it is in the House Cannith Enclave!'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'Couldn't ask for a better day.'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'Take a look around - there are a lot of interesting things here.'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'This is the time to be here. Later in the day the crowds are terrible!'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'And to think - this place used to be a crime-ridden dump!'
(NPC): Moira Fross tells you, 'Welcome to the Exposition of the Arcane! Allow me to demonstrate the power of the arcane arts.
A skilled wizard can summon creatures from the distant Planes and bind them to their will. Or, instead of summoning, a wizard can craft a creature from iron, or steel ... or even flesh!
You can see the examples of my power around you!'

(NPC): You tell Moira Fross, 'Neat. Show me how it works.'
(NPC): Moira Fross tells you, 'Very well. Stand back, I shall summon a fell creature from Mabar, the Plane of Darkness!'
(NPC): You tell Moira Fross, 'All right, show me.'
(Say): Moira Fross says, 'Behold, a creature from Mabar!'
(Say): Malicia says, 'Now really! Do I break into your home and kidnap you, just when you're trying to take a well-deserved rest?'
(Say): Moira Fross says, 'Fell creature! I command you to ....'
(Say): Malicia says, 'Oh please! I'd teach you a lesson or two but I have better things to do with my time. Now don't bother me again.'
(Say): Malicia says, 'See you in your dreams!'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'This really is the place to be in Stormreach if you're interested in the arcane crafts.'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'I just dabble in charms and trinkets.'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'Welcome to the Exposition of the Arcane!'
(Say): Saltire Arcanist says, 'This is quite the neighborhood. If only they could do something about the smell of the canal!'
(Dungeon Master): "Behold the Animatic!" cries the Gnome. "My enchanted golem will change life in Stormreach forever."

Orben Romblemore
(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'Ladies, gentlemen, distinguished guests! When things break, we need to fix them. My latest invention will make that easier than ever!
How many times has our beloved city been battered by typhoons, war, Devil invasions, or just over-enthusiastic tavern brawls? Cleaning up Stormreach after adventurers like our friend [your name] here has always been a chore.
But no longer! My Animatic can repair every district and ward - all on its own.'

(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, 'The Animatic? You mean this golem?'
(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'Exactly! Now, I know what you're thinking - a single golem isn't enough to repair an entire city by itself.
But just imagine ... What if that golem could create all the helpers it needs to complete its task?
That's why I've enchanted the Animatic with the ability to automatically cast Animate Object on everyday items. If it needs to repair a wall, then it will animate a trowel and a wheelbarrow. If it needs to build a scaffolding, it will animate hammers and some wood.
Just watch!'

(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, '... Are you sure you've thought this through?'
(Dungeon Master): The Gnome proudly points to his creation. "To demonstrate my latest invention, the Animatic will now animate these perfectly ordinary crates."
(Dungeon Master): Orben's pleased expression quickly changes to one of shock. "Wait! Where is it going? Come back here! ... And what's wrong with the crates?"
(Dungeon Master): "That's not what was supposed to happen!" pipes the astonished wizard. "By the Host, something's gone terribly wrong. We must fix the Animatic before it animates everything in the city!"
(Dungeon Master): The barrels spring to life and attack. The magic field pulsing from the golem appears to animate ordinary objects nearby.
(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'By the Planes! The objects the Animatic is enchanting are attacking people instead of repairing the city!
Maybe I shouldn't have built the Animatic out of a refurbished House Deneith war golem. Some of its old hostile commands must still be operational!
We'll need to stop the golem, and to do that we'll need to remove its enchantment and disable its commands.
Hmmmm, I think I could make a wand that could manage it. If only I had the proper ingredients ..... '

(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, 'I'll go get the ingredients, then find you near the Animatic.'
(Dungeon Master): The wizard describes the ingredients he needs to craft a wand capable of stopping the Animatic.
(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, 'What kind of ingredients do you need?'
(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'Let's see ... A Beholder Eye, to start out with, to dispel the field. Then some Pixie Dust and ... oh yes, a Unicorn Horn for the wand itself.
Yes, that should do it! Bring me those ingredients. I'll go find the Animatic and see if I can slow him down until the wand is ready.'

(Dungeon Master): Once nearly abandoned, the Saltire District is now home to many of Stormreach's wizards and artificers.
(Dungeon Master): You collect the Pixie Dust that Orben needs to craft the wand.
(Dungeon Master): Nibbles runs up onto your shoulder. He seems to like people.
(Dungeon Master): The Animatic stands contained inside a magic field. It looks like Orben found a temporary method of halting the golem.
(Dungeon Master): "Over here!" shouts Orben. "Please hurry. I can't keep the Animatic contained much longer."
(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'I've managed to contain the Animatic for the moment, but it can't last much longer.
I need all three ingredients to craft a wand - Pixie Dust, a Beholder's Eye, and a Unicorn Horn.
Once I have the wand, I'll be able to deactivate the Animatic, and we can see about fixing him!'

(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, 'I'll be back when i have all of the ingredients.'
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 32 XP.
目標達成! 32XP
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 7 XP.
目標達成! 7 XP
(Dungeon Master): It looks like someone has set up housekeeping here deep in the fusty depths of the sewers.

Durk the Deranged
 'Nibbles! There he is! And here I thought he left to become a Coinlord.
I guess I'm supposed to give you something? Here, take this Unicorn Horn.
But I'll warn you, it's broken. It doesn't even have a horse attached!'

▸ 'Thanks, Durk. See you around.'
(Dungeon Master): Durk gives you a Unicorn's Horn, one of the ingredients needed to craft Orben's wand.
(Say): Durk the Deranged says, 'I've got a secret. You're done.'

'Me is Goldscuttle! Me is much-power sorcerer, so watch out!'
▸ 'Goldscuttle! Someone told me you have a Beholder Eye. Care to trade for it?'
'Me have monster eye. Worth much much!
Me trade it to you if you give me ... one million Prayer Beads!'

▸ 'Sorry Goldscuttle, I don't have that many Prayer Beads on me.'
'Me got no time for deadbeats!'
▸ 'What do you need all these Prayer Beads for, anyway?'
'Me on holy mission! Me get ALL the Prayer Beads and make giant BALL of Prayer Beads.
When ball get big enough, world come to end. Me know. Me seen it all in Draconic Prophecy!'
▸ 'I've heard all about you, Goldscuttle. I'd like to buy the mighty sorcerer a drink. (40 gp)'
'Tasty tasty drink! But you no fool Goldscuttle. You no get him drunk and steal his Prayer Beads!'
▸ 'Thought any more about the Beholder Eye? Perhaps you'd take something other than Prayer Beads?'
'No Prayer Beads, no Eye. Prophecy not fulfill itself!'
▸ 'What do you need all these Prayer Beads for, anyway?'
'Me on holy mission! Me get ALL the Prayer Beads and make giant BALL of Prayer Beads.
When ball get big enough, world come to end. Me know. Me seen it all in Draconic Prophecy!'
▸ 'I'm sorry if I've offended you. Here, let me buy another round to make up for it. (40 gp)'
 「もし機嫌を悪くしたなら謝るよ。ほら、お詫びにもう一杯奢らせてくれ。(40 gp)」
'Me is Goldscuttle. Me is much-power sorcerer. Me like this drink!'
▸ 'Let's try another round. It's a simple drink, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption. (40 gp)'
 「もう一杯どうだ。ただの酒だが気持ちが良くなることうけあいだ。(40 gp)」
'Me much-power! Me is Goldscuttle sorsamer ... Why you spinning around like that?'
▸ 'What do you need all these Prayer Beads for, anyway?'
'Me on holy mission! Me get ALL the Prayer Beads and make giant BALL of Prayer Beads.
When ball get big enough, world come to end. Me know. Me seen it all in Draconic Prophecy!'
▸ 'You look a little green around the scales. Another round will settle your stomach. (40 gp)'
 「ウロコが青ざめてきたぞ。もう一杯飲んで胃を落ち着かせろ。(40 gp)」
'Megoo Slowguttle! Megoo ... lorp .... zzzz ... zzzz ... zzz ...'
▸ 'And that was just hot chocolate - imagine if we'd been drinking alcohol! (Take the Beholder Eye from sleeping Goldscuttle)'
(Dungeon Master): You've obtained a Beholder's Eye, one of the ingredients Orben needs to make the wand.
(Say): Goldscuttle says, 'Zzzzzzz'

(NPC): Orben Romblemore tells you, 'Ah, here we are! These ingredients are just what I need to make the wand. With any luck, we'll deactivate the Animatic and I can get to work on fixing it so this never happens again.
Are you ready for me to begin? Some people find spellcasting to be disturbing.'

(NPC): You tell Orben Romblemore, 'I'm ready. Work your magic!'
(Dungeon Master): Orben quickly shapes the ingredients into a magic wand. "There we are! This wand should strip the enchantments from the golem and remove its commands ... I think. Well, there's only way to find out! First I'll remove my containment spell, then I'll use the wand."
(Say): Orben Romblemore says, 'Go ahead and destroy the Animatic. It's the only way!'
(Dungeon Master): The Animatic charges towards you, animating the large gazebo it's standing in. "Oh my! That didn't go as planned," says Orben. "The wand removed some of the Animatic's command structures - but only the ones that prevented the golem from attacking people! I'm afraid you'll just have to destroy it. There's no other way!"
(Dungeon Master): Magic pulses from the golem, animating objects nearby.
(Dungeon Master): The Animatic clatters to the ground. Orben's dream of renovating Stormreach is now nothing more than a pile of useless junk. Still, it will be nice to be able to sit down without the chair attacking you.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 8,411 XP.

(Say): Orben Romblemore says, 'Thank you for dealing with the Animatic. I hadn't the heart to destroy it myself!'

Contact: Orben Romblemore
Orben's invention didn't quite work out as planned. To save the city from the Animatic you had no choice but to destroy it.
Find Orben Romblemore in the Harbor and talk to him about the malfunction.

Randam Item

Orben Romblemore created a golem meant to keep the city in perfect repair, but it didn't quite work out as planned. To save the city from the Animatic you had no choice but to destroy it.