The Night Revels - The Kobolds' Newest Ringleader
The Kobolds Newest Ringleader  

Level Range: 7 - 35
Duration: 15 Minutes
★★★★★ (15)

Primary objective: 1 Dungeon
Darkest Chocolate Darkest Chocolate
Shadowy Caramels Shadowy Caramels

Quest Objective
□ Explore the Bonebite Hideout  ★  (+100% xp)
□ Locate the Kobolds' newest ringleader
□ (Optional) Locate and kill Kylk  ★  (+150% xp)
□ Unlock the runed door and proceed further into the hideout  ★  (+200% xp)
□ Continue exploring the Bonbite Hideout
□ Defeat Krylic and his guards  ★  (+225% xp)
□ Defeat Malkiric and his creations  ★  (+250% xp)

Zombie Kobold   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Kobold
Zombie Kobold Shaman   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Kobold
Kylk   CR: Difficulty level+2   Type: Undead   Race: Kobold
  ▸ See Invisivility
Krylic   CR: Difficulty level+2   Type: Undead   Race: Kobold
  ▸ See Invisivility
  ▸ Spell Resistance
Malkiric   CR: Difficulty level+2   Type: Undead   Race: Lich
  ▸ Fire Shield (Cold)




Map_The Night Revels - The Kobolds Newest Ringleader

(Dungeon Master): When Mabar draws nigh, darkness falls and the dead become restless ....
(Say): Kobold Survivor says, ''Run! Run! Away! Sad Sick Kobolds! Bone man lies!' '
(Say): Kobold Survivor says, ''Yark! New New Ringleader no good. Stupid bones!''
(Dungeon Master): An overwhelming stench assails you as you begin to explore the hideout.
(Standard): Your party has completed a special objective and has earned a star!
(Dungeon Master): Kylk has been slain!
(Dungeon Master): The door is locked tight and can only be opened when the runes are lit. Look for two mechanisms that will unlock the door when activated.
(Dungeon Master): The rune begins to glow. It looks very similiar to a rune found on the locked door in the central corridor.
(Dungeon Master): The gutteral groans of shuffling undead can be heard through the door. A muffled voice squeaks, "Rise! You serve me now!"
(Dungeon Master): The door shatters as several creatures shamble towards you. Malkiric the Lich bids his creations to attack.
(Dungeon Master): Malkiric shouts, "Rise, my creations! Rise and defend me!"
(Dungeon Master): "Crush these simpletons!" screams Malkiric.
(Dungeon Master): This creature was too weak to give rewards.
(Dungeon Master): As Malkiric crumbles to dust, a feeling of calm settles throughout the room.
(Standard): You have been awarded 15 Pieces of Darkest Chocolate.
(Standard): You have been awarded 15 Shadowy Caramels.
(Advancement): Your experience point bonus effect gave you 4,082 bonus experience points!
(Advancement): You gained 6,804 bonus experience points for being a VIP!
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 78,926 XP.