The Night Revels - The Snitch and the Lich
The Night Revels - The Snitch and the Lich  

Level Range: 7 - 35
Duration: 15 Minutes
★★★★★ (15)

Primary objective: 1 Dungeon
Darkest Chocolate Darkest Chocolate
Pinches of Sinister Cinnamon Pinches of Sinister Cinnamon

Quest Objective
□ Investigate the source of the commotion
□ Locate the source of the panic
□ Find a way to enter the courtyard below
□ Defeat the Mummy Lord  ★  (+100% xp)
□ Clear the undead and proceed into the next courtyard  ★  (+150% xp)
□ Gain access to the rooftops adove  ★  (+200% xp)
□ Dispatch the Undead form in the Courtyard  ★  (+225% xp)
□ Defeat the Lich Sneblin  ★  (+250% xp)

Skeletal Warrior   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Skeleton Archer   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Ghoul   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Ghoul
Roderic Nettle   CR: Difficulty level   Type: Undead   Race: Zombie
Mummy Lord   CR: Difficulty level+2   Type: Undead   Race: Mummy
Sneblin   CR: Difficulty level+5   Type: Undead   Race: Lich
  ▸ Fire Shield (Cold)




Map_The Night Revels - The Snitch and the Lich

(Dungeon Master): When Mabar draws nigh, darkness falls and the dead become restless ....
(Dungeon Master): The distant sounds of panicked voices and scattered fighting echo from the walls. The moonlight reveals a path amongst the rooftops.
(Dungeon Master): The sound of fleeing townsfolk rises from below. There must be a way to get down into the courtyard.
(Say): Human Townswoman says, ''Undead Creatures. Run and hide!''
(Say): Sneblin says, ''Flee mortals, for your time will come! Be driven from the streets in fear!''
(Say): Elven Townswoman says, ''HELP! First Devils now Undead are attacking our homes. Our property values are going to plummet!''
(Say): Elven Townsperson says, ''Flee for your lives, Undead have broken into the streets!''
(Dungeon Master): The door begins to strain as a creature thrashes against it.
(Dungeon Master): The Mummy collapses into a pile of scattered bandages and fetid dust.
(Standard): Your party has completed a special objective and has earned a star!
(Dungeon Master): The door opens. In the distance you can see a lever, which seems to control the next gate.
(Dungeon Master): The gate opens, revealing a courtyard and a ladder. Dark creatures begin to appear from the shadows.
(Dungeon Master): The ladder slides into place, allowing access to the rooftops above.
(Dungeon Master): The zombie in the courtyard looks strangely familiar. The undead corpse of Roderic Nettle shifts to look towards you and groans, "Not even death can stop me! Stand and face me - me and my new master."
(Dungeon Master): Roderic Nettle's undead form slumps to the ground. "Master - avenge me!" he gasps. The shield surrounding the Lich fades, and he closes to attack.
(Dungeon Master): This creature was too weak to give rewards.
(Dungeon Master): The tattered form falls in defeat, and the feeling of dread that surrounded the Lich fades.
(Standard): You have been awarded 15 Pieces of Darkest Chocolate.
(Standard): You have been awarded 15 Pinches of Sinister Cinnamon.
(Advancement): Your experience point bonus effect gave you 680 bonus experience points!
(Advancement): You gained 6,804 bonus experience points for being a VIP!
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 75,524 XP.