Update 34: Death or Glory

Now Available

Ever get the feeling that the Dungeon Master is out to get you? In Update 34, it's true! Brace yourself for the chill of death as you battle for glory!

New dungeon, free to all players!
Monster Champions: better than ever!

Introducing: Reaper Difficulty

Prove yourself in an all new dungeon difficulty mode, now available throughout the game! Are you the bravest, toughest, most skilled player known to walk the planes? Reaper Difficulty offers some of the hardest gameplay yet. Only the mighty will survive.

Our hardest content ever! The Dungeon Master is out to get you. No really.
10 Reaper Difficulty levels to try and best.
Earn special Reaper bonuses & other benefits. Achieve glory!
Caution! Reaper Difficulty is meant for players who enjoy a *serious* challenge.

You have been warned!

A New Free Quest!

More classic DDO thrills! Enjoy an all new free winter-themed dungeon, Tower of Frost. A local wizard is behind on his rent, and now you're the one to have to collect! And mysteriously, it's snowing outside his wizard's tower in the typically tropical region of Stormreach. Explore ten tower levels in this homage to the beloved Dungeons and Dragons concept of wizard's towers!


Monster Champion Improvements

Monster Champions have been updated with an all new planar theme, allowing for better adventurer battle planning and the chance to fight against interesting Monster Champion effects. For details, check out the Release Notes.