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Update 34: Dawn of the Dragonborne
Adventure Pack:  Dragonblood Prophecy [495TP]

Bestowed by:  Yoldorim
In:  The Marketplace
Adventure Notes:  This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter:  Dragonborn Settlement
Level:  Heroic 10  /  Epic 31
Length:  long

Heroic Base XP:  Casual 1,381 XP   /  Normal 2,425 XP   /  Hard 2,548 XP  /  Elite 2,670 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual 8,124 XP  /   Normal 13,889XP  /  Hard 14,238 XP  /   Elite 14,587 XP

Favor:  Casual 3   /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  Agents of Argonnessen

An Argonnenssen Dragon named Dunalenthea was supposed to be helping some Dragonborn build a settlement in the wilds of Xen'drik, but nothing has been heard from her in some time.
Speak with Yoldorim in the Marketplace and he'll send you to investigate the Dunalenthea's disappearance.

Quest Objects
□ Locate Elainethyrs, Emissary of Argonessen
□ Locate Dunalenthea
□ Enter the nearby cavern
□ Explore the cavern
□ Find the village
□ Traverse the cavern
□ Clear the patrols surrounding the Village
□ Speak to Elainethyrs
□ Explore the temple
□ Power the control panel
□ Unlock the gate using the control panel
□ Defeat Orlanthe, Cultist of the Dragon Below
□ (Optional) Explore the opened cavern
□ (Optional) Defeat the Lizardfolk fanatic

Cult Guardian   CR: //15 , //   Type: Reptilian   Race: Lizardfolk
Cult Patrol   CR: //15 , //   Type: Reptilian   Race: Lizardfolk
Cult Shaman   CR: //15 , //   Type: Reptilian   Race: Lizardfolk
Cult Vindicator   CR: //16 , //   Type: Reptilian   Race: Lizardfolk
Cult Fanatic <Cult of the Dragon Below>   CR: //17 , //   Type: Reptilian   Race: Lizardfolk

Cult Adherent   CR: //15 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human
Cult Disciple   CR: //15 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human
Cult Canonist   CR: //15 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human
Cult Invoker <Cult of the Dragon Below>   CR: //15 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human
Cult Warden   CR: //16 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human

Hill Giant Scavenger   CR: //16 , //   Type: Giant   Race: Giant
Stone Giant Scavenger   CR: //17 , //   Type: Giant   Race: Giant

Jungle Stalker   CR: //15 , //   Type: Animal   Race: Panther

Orlanthe <Cult of the Dragon Below>   CR: //18 , //   Type: Humanoid   Race: Human
Dunalenthea   CR: //18 , //   Type: Dragon   Race: White Dragon

Score Card
Monsters killed.  (*/329)
   194  Aggression bonus.  +10%
   240  Onslaught bonus!  +15%
   294  **Conquest Bonus**  +25%
Trap disabled.  (*/8)
   4  Tamper bonus.  +10%
   6  Neutralization bonus!  +20%
   7  **Ingenious Debilitation bonus**  +30%
Secret doors discovered.  (*/0)
Breakables smashed. (*/44)
   22  Mischief bonus.  +8%
   29  Vandal bonus!  +10%
   36  **Ransack Bonus**  +15%

Trap DC
Pressure Plate
Heroic    N ??  /  H 41-44  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Heroic    N ??  /  H ??-42  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Hidden Door (Search)
Heroic    N ??  /  H ??-25  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??

Fungus (in Twisting path)
Sour Darkcap
Adventurer's Pack (in Enormous cavern)
Amulet of the Lost Empire
Rubble (in Enormous cavern)
Singed Soarwood
Crude Altar (in Giantish ruins)
Singed Soarwood
Adventurer's Pack (in Giantish ruins)
Small Planer Crystal



Unique Item
This stone was once attached to a larger outfit; despite its separation, it seems to have retained much of its power.

I'm told you're someone who gets things done, Kurury. Perhaps you can help me.
I have a delicate problem. I'm trying to find out what happened to some friends of mine from Argonnessen, Elainethyrs and Dunalenthea.
They've vanished after travelling into the jungles of Xen'drik. The delicate part is that no one from Argonnessen can be involved in tiying to find them!
▸ Sure, I can help with missing people — or a missing Dragon. Where were they last seen?
Dunalenthea and Elainethyrs were helping establish a Dragonborn Settlement here in Xen'drik.
They sent word back that they'd arrived — but that's the last I heard from them.
It's a veiy remote spot deep in the iungle, a place that could be dangerous even for a pair of Dragons.
If you're willing to help, let me I know. I'll send you there.
▸ Very well. Send me no the Dragonbom Settlement.
⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ And why not? Dragons could clear this up quicker than I can.
They were helping a group of Dragonborn from Argonessen build a settlement out the iungles here.
It was a passion project for them — but one they were doing
without approval from the Chamber.If more Argonnessen Dragons were to become involved, the Chamber would surely try to shut the settlement down. So it's important that we handle this quietly.
▸ And why have these Dragonborn come to Xen'drik?
The Dragonborn of Argonnessen aie ruled by the Dragons and have always lived in their shadow.
These Dragonborn want to change that. They want to forge their own fates, flee from the influence of we Dragons.
Though ironically the settlers found two of their biggest supporters in Dunalenthea and Elainethyrs — a pair of Dragons! They scouted out the settlement site and were helping the Dragonborn get set up theie. I had word from them two months ago that things were going well. But since then — nothing.
▸ Where exactly were Dunalenthea and Elainethyrs last seen?
Dunalenthea and Elainethyrs were helping establish a Dragonborn Settlement heie in Xen'drik.
They sent word back that theyd arrived — but that's the last I heard from them.
It's a veiy remote spot deep in the iungle, a place that could be dangerous even for a pair of Dragons.
If you're willing to help, let me I know. I'll send you there.
▸ Very well. Send me to the Dragonbom Settlement.
⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Dunalenthea and the Dragonborn village need your help.Don't leave them in the lurch!
▸ Send me back to the Dragonborn Settlement.
▸ Close Window.

Dragonborn Settlement
(Dungeon Master): A pair of Dragons have disappeared while protecting a group of Dragonborn newly arrived from Argonnessen.
(Dungeon Master): You emerge from the jungle into an open clearing, only to spot a figure beckoning to you. As you approach, you realize that the flickering form is some kind of astral projection or illusion.
(NPC): Elainethyrs tells you, 'Yoldorim sent you? By the skies, maybe you can help me!
Yes, I am Elainethyrs. I'm fine, and so are the Dragonborn from the settlement - for now. But Dunalenthea may be in great peril!'
(NPC): You tell Elainethyrs, 'What's going on? What happened to Dunlenthea?'
(NPC): Elainethyrs tells you, 'This entire area has been overrun by members of a Cult of the Dragon Below. Hundreds of them, well armed and well disciplined!
I've been able to protect the Dragonborn Settlement from their attacks using my magic. But Dunlenthea has vanished! She hasn't tried to contact me since the Cultists showed up. That's not like her.
I'm worried - very worried - that something has happened to her, but I need your help. Find me at the settlement near the Temple, and we will discuss this further.'
(NPC): You tell Elainethyrs, 'On my way.'
(Dungeon Master): Footsteps can be heard from further down the path.
(Dungeon Master): The door opens into an extensive system of stone caverns.
(Dungeon Master): The door opens, revealing a lush waterfall. Twisting paths lead deep into the dense jungle.
(Dungeon Master): Several Giants have set up camp in a secluded spot. You spy some kind of lever amongst the tents.
(Dungeon Master): A distant sound tells you that a ward has been disabled.
(Dungeon Master): With the magical barrier dispelled, you can now explore deeper into the caverns.
(Dungeon Master): The sound of a door rumbling open can be heard to the east.
(Dungeon Master): One of the fiercest Lizardfolk has made this room into its den. The creature hisses menacingly as you approach.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.
(Dungeon Master): The creature emits a gutteral groan and collapses.
(Dungeon Master): An enormous cavern opens before you. A raised platform can be seen on the far side.
(Dungeon Master): You pull the lever, and a distant platform suddenly begins moving.
(Dungeon Master): The door opens, releasing a sudden blast of moist air.
(Dungeon Master): Giantish ruins dominate this large clearing. You can make out the outlines of small dwellings in the distance, but a magic barrier blocks exploration in that direction.
(Dungeon Master): With the Lizardfolk defeated, Elainethyrs calls for you to come to the front gate.
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'We're lucky that Elainethyrs was here. She used her magic to protect us from the Cultists.'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'I left Argonnessen for this?'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'Once these Cultists are dealt with, we can start building our village.'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'There are still a bunch of Cultists left inside the Temple!'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'What do these Cultists want from us? We're in the middle of the jungle!'
(NPC): Elainethyrs tells you, 'Thank you for dealing with those Cultists. They're swarming all over the area!
I must ask your help, Elf. I've been using my magic to protect the Dragonborn Settlement from Cultist attacks. But I can't maintain my magic wards and look for Dunalenthea at the same time.
Will you search for her? I haven't heard from her at all, and I'm dreadfully afraid those Cultists have done something to her. '
(NPC): You tell Elainethyrs, 'Where did you last see Dunlenthea?'
(NPC): Elainethyrs tells you, 'Dunlenthea made camp inside the Giantish Temple nearby, the better to study the artifacts inside.
A large number of Cultists swarmed inside the Temple when they first attacked. I expected Dunalenthea to make quick work of them - but instead I've heard nothing! What could have happened to her?'
(NPC): You tell Elainethyrs, 'Anything else we should expect?'
(NPC): Elainethyrs tells you, 'No doubt the Cultists have laid some traps since they've arrived.
Dunalenthea also mentioned some Giantish artifact used to seal off an area of the Temple, and how it needed to be powered up before the artifact would work. She said it was simple enough - once you figured out the trick.
Would you please go and see what happened? I will remove the magic barrier I placed at the Temple entrance.'
(NPC): You tell Elainethyrs, 'On my way!'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'We knew coming here would be dangerous. But we're determined to make this settlement a success!'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'Thank you for dealing with those Cultists!'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'It's quite a challenge to start over here in Xen'drik - but at least our future will be our own!'
(Say): Dragonborn Settler says, 'Where could Dunalenthea be? It's very worrying.'
(Dungeon Master): This passageway has collapsed - but a hole has been excavated to give access to the hallway below.
(Dungeon Master): As the lever activates, energy pulses into the central chamber.
(Dungeon Master): An unnatural cold radiates throughout this room, which is dominatd by a glowing magic device. Two gems adorn the control panel that Elainethyrs mentioned.
(Dungeon Master): The control panel is now ready to use. Activating it requires entering a series of button presses to match what was just shown.
(Dungeon Master): The lever is pulled, and energy begins to flow towards the central chamber.
(Dungeon Master): The gate to the west slides open, clearing the way into Dunalenthea's chamber.
(Dungeon Master): Dunalenthea stands stiffly on the platform above. Her unnatural movements tell you that she's being magically compelled by the cultists surrounding her.
(Say): Orlanthe says, 'As you can see, the Dragon is under my control now. Once you're out of the way, this place will belong to my Master!'
(Say): Dunalenthea says, 'Orlanthe ... controlling ... my mind ....'
(Dungeon Master): Orlanthe falls, releasing Dunalenthea from her magical compulsion.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.
(Say): Dunalenthea says, 'My mind is clear again!'
(NPC): Dunalenthea tells you, 'Thank you for dealing with Orlanthe - and my apologies for any harm I may have done to you.
But where's Elainethyrs? Please tell me she's all right!'
(NPC): You tell Dunalenthea, 'Elainethyrs is fine, and so is the Dragonborn settlement. What happened here?'
(NPC): Dunalenthea tells you, 'My fault, I suppose. I underestimated the Cultists when they attacked. But Orlanthe had some kind of powerful matgical artifact capable of controlling me.
He kept going on about his "master" and how she had sent him to find some Giantish artifact that would bring about Xen'drik's ruin. Very ominous indeed!
Please, help yourself to some of the things I've found in these ruins ... it's the least I can do after trying to kill you.'
(NPC): You tell Dunalenthea, 'Don't mind if I do!'

Contact: Yoldorlm

Dunalenthea the Dragon was being magicallycontrolled by a Cult of the Dragon Below for their own nefarious ends.
Return to Yoldorium in the Marketplace and tell him that you've freed Dunalenthea from the spell.
All they wanted to do was help the Dragonborn - and they stumbled across a Cult of the Dragon Below?
The Cult must have been searching for something out in that Giantish Temple  a magical artifact, perhaps. Those fanatics Wlll stop at nothing to make Khyber ascendant again!
But no matter. Dunalenthea and Elainethyrs are safe again and that's all that matters. Here, take this in payment for your services.
▸ My pleasure.

You rescued the Dragon Dunalenthea from a Cult of the Dragon Below that had used magic to control her.