Records of the Past 2017.07.18
Records of the Past  過去の記録

Bestowed by: Freygar Plumbline
In: Tethyamar Mining Outpost
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: The Ruins of Ironvale Deep
Level: Heroic 15  /  Epic 31
Length: medium

Heroic Base XP:  Casual 2,268 XP   /  Normal 3,940 XP  /  Hard 4,100 XP  /  Elite 4,260 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual 1,0841 XP  /   Normal  XP  /  Hard  XP  /   Elite  XP

Favor:  Casual  3  /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  The Harpers

Freygar Plumbline believes an artifact called the Master Manifest is located deep within one of Tethyamar's abandoned libraries. Go to Ironvale Deep and find the manifest for the Surveyor.

Quest Objects
□ Find the abandoned Dwarf settlement
□ Find the Master Manifest
□ Activate the Mirror Relays
□ Open the Lower District Door
□ Explore the Lower District
□ Defeat Kir'tan Melarn
□ (Optional) Collect the Mining Records: 5 left
□ (Optional) Defeat Thorgar Shield-Splitter
□ (Optional) Defeat the Decaying Battlerager
□ (Optional) Defeat the Umber Hulk Dwarf-stalker

Unbound Irrigation Elemental   CR: 15//20   Type: Elemental   Race: Water Elemental
Unbound Forge Elemental   CR: 15//   Type: Elemental   Race: Fire Elemental
Unbound Mining Elemental   CR: 16//   Type: Elemental   Race: Earth Elemental
Putrid Gray Ooze   CR: 15//   Type: Ooze   Race: Gray Ooze
Large Black Pudding   CR: 15//   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Ooze
Large Black Pudding Fragment   CR: 13//   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Ooze
Damaged Mining Golem   CR: 17//   Type: Construct   Race: Golem
Corrosive Rust Monster   CR: 16//21   Type: Aberration   Race: Rust Monster
Ravenous Umber Hulk   CR: 16//   Type: Aberration   Race: UmberHulk
Deep Crawler   CR: 15//   Type: Vermin   Race: Spider
Ancient Wheep   CR: 15//   Type: Undead
   ▸ See Invisivility
   ▸ Regeneration
Ancient Tomb Gurdian   CR: 15//   Type: Construct   Race: Helmed Horror
   ▸ See Invisivility
   ▸ Protection from Evil
Lost Minier   CR: 15//   Type: Undead   Race: Zombie
Decaying Minier   CR: 15//   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Outpost Archer   CR: 16//   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drow Ritualist   CR: 16//   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drow Warpriestess   CR: 17//   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drider Warrior   CR: 17//   Type: Aberration   Race: Drider
   ▸ See Invisivility
Decaying Battlerager   CR: 17//22   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Thorgar Shield-Splitter <Decaying Noble>   CR: 18//23   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Umber Hulk Dwarf-stalker   CR: 16/19/22   Type: Aberration   Race: UmberHulk
Summoned Bebilith   CR: 18//23   Type: Evil Outsider   Race: Demon
Kir'tan Melarn   CR: 18//23   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
   ▸ Blur
   ▸ Deathward

Score Card
Monsters killed.  (*/)
   101  Aggression bonus.  +10%
     Onslaught bonus!  +15%
     **Conquest Bonus**  +25%
Trap disabled.  (*/)
     Tamper bonus.  +10%
     Neutralization bonus!  +20%
     **Ingenious Debilitation bonus**  +30%
Secret doors discovered.  (*/0)
Breakables smashed. (*/)
   16  Mischief bonus.  +8%
    20  Vandal bonus!  +10%
    24  **Ransack Bonus**  +15%

Trap DC
Push Knife (Hidden Room)
Heroic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Heroic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Hidden Door (Search)
Heroic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??
Epic    N ??  /  H ??  /  E ??

Fungus 2
Fragment Drowshood
Ruddy Fungus
Swaying Mushroom Cluster
Fungus (Mushroom)
Bruised Spore Pod
Swaying Mushroom Cluster
Duskbrood Trumpeter
Swaying Mushroom Cluster




Quest Item

Unique Loot Item
Heavy Boltslinger
Repeating Heavy Clossbow
Minimum Level: 15
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ +5 Enhancement Bonus
▸ Insightful Armor-Piercing +6
▸ Electrifying 4
▸ Jolthing 9
▸ Insightful Distant Diversion +5
▸ Empty Red Augment Slot
Durability: 240  /  Steel (Hardness: 25)
Base Value: 6,040 pp  /  12 lbs
The Drow decided to use their signature Hand Crossbows to model a new, more efficient version. From those efforts, this heavy crossbow was created.

Shadow's Embrace
Minimum Level: 15
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ Diversion +13
▸ Quality Doublestrike +1
▸ Quality Diversion +2
▸ Deadly +6
▸ Empty Yellow Augment Slot
Durability: 160  /  Leather (Hardness: 25)
Base Value: 6,020 pp  /  0.10 lbs
You fasten the intricate buckle of this belt, and as it clicks into place your moves somehow become more subtle - as though the belt has melded your form with the shadows.

Freygar Plumbline <Surveyor>  フレイガル・プラムライン<測量技師>
Ah. Hello there, Elf! It amazes me that there are still so many Jewels of Ardor to be found in these mines after all these years - though I am certainly glad of our good fortune!
Through my research into the ruins of the Mines of Tethyamar, I've learned of an ancient book that contains countless charts and maps of the mines.
It is called the Master Manifest - and l have reason to believe that it can be found in lronvale Deep! Of course, I would need someone like you to get it for me ....

▸ How do I get to lronvale Deep?
The Ruins of lronvale Deep can be found at the end of this tunnel. Be on your guard, for we are not sure what creatures hide in the shadows of the town's buildings.
Track down the Master Manifest and bring it to me so that I can analyze its charts.
I'm sure the answers we seek about the Jewels of Ardor await in that dusty old settlement. No true Dwarf would neglect to record the locations of the jewel veins. Something so valuable would never escape their notice!
▸ Understood. I'll return with the Manifest.
⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ What makes you so sure we can find the Manifest there?
lronvale Deep marks the site of Tethyamai’s ancient mining library: a labyrinth of knowledge riddled with traps and puzzles meant to deter the common folk from uncovering the mine's secrets.
If the Master Manifest exists, it surely lies within the library's walls.
▸ Very well. So, where is this library?
⇒ Go to [A1]
▸ And what do you think this Manifest will tell you?
⇒ Go to [A3]
▸ Close Window.
▸ And what do you think this Manifest will tell you?
As a surveyor, my duty is to explore and map the parts of Tethyamar that have been reclaimed from our enemies.
The Manifest will tell me the exact locations of the veins containing the Jewels of Ardor, making our operations in the mines much less treacherous than they would be otherwise.
As you surely know, venturing into forgotten territoiy always carries the risk of danger!
▸ How do I got to lronvale Deep?
⇒ Go to [A1]
▸ What makes you so sure we can find the Manifest there?
⇒ Go to [A2]
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Return to me when you have the book. I need it to chart the locations of the Jewels of Ardor!
▸ Close Window.

The Ruins of Ironvale Deep
(Dungeon Master): The settlement of Ironvale Deep was abandoned long ago. Now the dwarves hope its ancient libraries can unlock the secrets of the Jewels of Ardor.
(Dungeon Master): After a long hike through underground passages, you spot the first signs of an ancient settlement - Ironvale Deep.
(Dungeon Master): The waters of the pool roil to life as you approach!
(Dungeon Master): The abandoned ruins of Ironvale Deep sprawl through this cavern. The Master Manifest could be anywhere within its maze-like halls.
(Dungeon Master): You are amazed to see a huge Jewel of Ardor perched on a pedestal. Why is such a valuable stone being used as an ordinary light source?
(Dungeon Master): This stately gateway is framed by two dark and powerless signal crystals.
(Dungeon Master): Elemental beings rear up from the molten lava, apparently protecting the statue of Moradin and the abandoned forge.
(Dungeon Master): A faint moaning and scratching can be heard through the stone door. What could be on the other side?
(Dungeon Master): You shiver at a sudden gust of cold. An icy breeze wafts down from the landing atop this stairwell.
(Dungeon Master): This must be the source of the draft. Light pours into the chamber from a shaft in the ceiling, illuminating a large relay crystal.
(Dungeon Master): You pull the lever and the relay crystal flares into brilliant life.
(Dungeon Master): As the beam of light strikes the final relay crystal, power flows into the puzzle pieces below it.
(Dungeon Master): A low grinding reaches your ears from the west. The Mayoral Estate is now open.
(Dungeon Master): A Drow stands by a table. He alternates between reading a book and staring into the mirror opposite him.
(NPC): Silent's Doppelganger tells you, 'Greetings!
What brings you to this marvelous little library?'
(NPC): You tell Silent's Doppelganger, 'How did you get in here?'
(Say): Silent's Doppelganger says, 'What a fascinating question. Sadly, I'm running a bit late for a date. Perhaps next time.'
(NPC): Silent's Doppelganger tells you, 'Greetings!
What brings you to this marvelous little library?'
(NPC): You tell Silent's Doppelganger, 'What are you reading?'
(NPC): Silent's Doppelganger tells you, 'What, this old thing? It's just a history book... Rather dull, really.'
(NPC): You tell Silent's Doppelganger, 'Then why are you reading it?'
(NPC): Silent's Doppelganger tells you, 'Oh, just killing some time, enjoying the view, such as it is.'
(NPC): You tell Silent's Doppelganger, 'View? What view?'
(NPC): Silent's Doppelganger tells you, 'Why the mirror, obviously. It's the last unbroken mirror in all of Ironvale Deep. A rare treasure.'
(NPC): You tell Silent's Doppelganger, 'The mirror... Why are you really here?'
(Say): Silent's Doppelganger says, 'What a fascinating question. Sadly, I'm running a bit late for a date. Perhaps next time.'
(Dungeon Master): You quickly page through the records, but it seems that not even a single entry is dedicated to the Jewels of Ardor.
(Dungeon Master): This library appears to have been left untouched since the settlement was abandoned. Perhaps some of the volumes you seek can be found here.
(Dungeon Master): This set of mining records details the founding of this settlement. The Dwarves named the site of their new colony "Ironvale Deep" after the valley directly above.
(Dungeon Master): The secret door slides silently into the wall, revealing a small chamber beyond.
(Say): Garret the Sainted says, 'Perhaps we'll find some new equipment in this loot.'
(Dungeon Master): The Mayor's eyes glow with unholy light. His crumbling visage scowls down at you from his seat high on the throne.
(Dungeon Master): These records mention "glowing gems, suitable for inexpensive lighting." You find no other information about any kind of jewels.
(Dungeon Master): The skeletal Dwarf gives a final gesture of defiance before crumbling into dust.
(Advancement): Your experience point bonus effect gave you 0 bonus experience points!
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.
(Dungeon Master): A statue of the Dwarf god, Moradin, stands in the center of this chamber. It seems to be a shrine in his honor.
(Dungeon Master): The last puzzle piece clicks into place and the door leading into the Lower District rumbles open.
(Dungeon Master): As you enter the Lower District, you are surprised to hear the hum of Drow voices in the distance.
(Dungeon Master): A Drow kneels in a magic circle, a weathered tome by his side. "So. You've come for the Jewels of Ardor?"
(Dungeon Master): "The Jewels will be mine! You'll never have them. Not while I am alive!" The Drow shout as his power flows into a powerful summoning spell.
(Dungeon Master): The Bebilith falls. Deprived of his ally, the Drow wizard drops his defensive barrier and springs to the attack.
(Dungeon Master): The Drow wizard collapses to the ground, his mission thwarted.
(Dungeon Master): You examine the ancient tome and verify that it is the Master Manifest you were sent to collect. The Dwarves will be happy to hear that you've found it - and happier still to hear that you stopped a Drow incursion into one of their ancient towns.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.
(Dungeon Master): A low rumble comes from the Forge as its sealed door creaks open.
(Dungeon Master): You enter the forgotten crypts. A skeletal Dwarf in spike-covered armor gestures at you in a silent challenge.
(Dungeon Master): The bones of the ancient undead finally rattle to the ground.

(Dungeon Master): The ground shakes as a relay crystal in the far corner lights up. Strange noises come from the alley below.
(Dungeon Master): The cavern quakes as a massive Umber Hulk claws its way out of the ground!
(Dungeon Master): The massive Umber Hulk crashes to the ground.

(Dungeon Master): These rooms were once used as barracks for those who worked the forge. Perhaps some of the mining records can be found here.
(Dungeon Master): These records detail the locations of veins of several types of metal found near the settlement. They contain no information about gems or jewels.
(Dungeon Master): The noisome stink of this room assaults your senses as you step through the doorway.
(Dungeon Master): You've found a number of the mining records that were scattered about the settlement. Freygar Plumbline will be pleased to learn you've recovered them.
(Dungeon Master): There are a few passing mentions of glowing gemstones in these records. But no importance seems to be attached to them.
(Dungeon Master): On the southern reaches of the vast Tethyamar Mines, a small, secluded outpost opens its doors to adventurers looking to assist them.
(Advancement): Quest Completed

Contact: Freygar Plumbline

Freygar Plumbline
Ah, is that what I think it is? Yes, it is!
Here, a small token for your troubles. I will not forget your service. I must get started reading straight away!
Now let's see ....
Wait. What nonsense is this? You must have brought me the wrong book. This is useless!
▸ I'm positive this is the Manifest, Freygar. I had to fight off the Drow to reach it.
But ... it can't be! There is no mention of the Jewels anywhere within this tome. I don't understand. There's no way the surveyors would have left something as valuable as the Jewels of Ardor out of their records. What explanation could there be?
Wait a moment ... the Drow, you say? Yes - it has to be them. The Drow must be hiding the real Manifest from us. That must be it!
▸ If you say so, Freygar ... but I have to get going.
⇒Records of the Past  Quest Completed
  過去の記録 クエスト完了
▸ Close Window.
▸ Sorry, that is the Master Manifest, just as you asked. Now I must be on my way.
⇒Records of the Past  Quest Completed
  過去の記録 クエスト完了
▸ Close Window.

We must re-enter Ironvale Deep, Elf. I am certain that you merely brought the wrong book last time. The Master Manifest is still waiting for me to uncover its secrets! Will you try again?
▸ Repeat the quest "Records of the Past".
▸ Close Window.

Quest Rewards

Quest level Item


You were able to recover the Master Manifest but, unfortunately for Freygar, it did not record jewel veins for the Jewels of Ardor. However, you were able to protect Ironvale Deep from being pillaged by an invading legion of Drow.