Third Time's a Charm  3度目の正直
Update 36: Duel for the Underdark
Adventure pack: The Mines of Tethyamar (725 DP)

Bestowed by: Eluf the Steadfast
In: Tethyamar Mining Outpost
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Drow Camp
Level: Heroic 15  /  Epic 31
Length: medium

Heroic Base XP:  Casual  2,047 XP  /  Normal 3,556 XP  /  Hard 3,700 XP  /  Elite 3,844 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual 9,774 XP  /   Normal 16,701 XP  /  Hard  XP  /   Elite  XP

Favor:  Casual 3   /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  The Harpers

After a failed attempt at rescuing the missing miners, Eluf asked you to try saving them yourself.
Head to the Drow Camp and meet up with Rielle Proudforge, the only Dwarf to return safely.

Quest Objects
□ Speak to Rielle Proudforge
□ Locate captured Dwarves
□ Find the Ambush Location
□ Defeat the ambush
□ Defeat the guards outside of the outer gate
□ Gain access to the northern corridor
□ Investigate the southern corridor
□ Investigate the northern corridor
□ Defeat the guards holding the great hall
□ Locate the entrance of the cavern
□ Defeat the Priestess and her guards
□ Discover a way to free the Dwarves
□ Defeat Phy'xzar the Jailor
□ Speak to Rielle
□ (Optional) Defeat the Magma Brute
□ (Optional) Keep every Dwarf captive alive.

Outpost Archer   CR: 16/19/23   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Outpost Guard   CR: 16/19/23   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drow Ritualist   CR: 16/19/23   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drow Warpriestess   CR: 17/20/24   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
   ▸ See Invisivility
Drider Warrior   CR: 17/20/24   Type: Aberration   Race: Drider
Deep Crawler   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Vermin   Race: Spider
Ravenous Umber Hulk   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Aberration   Race: UmberHulk
Dretch   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Evil Outsider   Race: Demon
Dwarven Miner   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Dwarf   Race: Dwarf
Ogre Battle Thrall   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Giant   Race: Ogre
Flare <Magma Brute>   CR: 17/20/24   Type: Elemental   Race: Earth Elemental
Uhlsirayn <Captain of the Guard>   CR: 17/20/24   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
  ▸ See Invisivility
Phyrsinil <Annointed Priestess>   CR: 17/20/24   Type: Elf   Race: Drow Elf
  ▸ See Invisivility
Phy'xzar <The Jailor>   CR: 18/20/24   Type: Aberration   Race: Drider

Score Card
Monsters killed.  (*/107)
Trap disabled.  (*/0)
Secret doors discovered.  (*/1)
Breakables smashed. (*/)
   14  Mischief bonus.  +8%
   19  Vandal bonus!  +10%
   22  **Ransack Bonus**  +15%

Trap DC

Bruised Spore Pod 2
Ruddy Fungus
Reagents Cabinet
Ritual Candle 3
Blessed Candle
Ceramic Bowl 2
Scroll Rack
Charred Soarwood
Ritual Candle 2
Alchemy Table
Stellar Orb
Blessed Candle
Oceanic Sphere
Glass Phial
Adventurer's pack
Polished Ore




Quest Item

Unique Loot Item
Shimmer  揺らめく光
Minimum Level: 15
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ Insightful Enhancement Focus +2
▸ Quality Enhancement Focus +1
▸ Spell Penetration +3
▸ Charisma +8
▸ Empty Yellow Augment Slot
Durability: 150  /  Cloth (Hardness: 25)
Base Value: 6020 pp  /  0.10 lbs
The magical threads woven into this cloke were designed to be attractive to others. Even in pitch darkness, the cloke lures passersby like a siren's song.

Eluf the Steadfast  不動のエラフ
Hello there, stranger. No time for pleasantries, I'm afraid. But maybe you can help me with a problem.
First, a group of our miners were taken captive nearby. Then we sent a second party to retrieve the first. The second group was also captured!
We didn't know what was going on until one of the miners made it back to us just a few hours ago. She told us that the Drow of Sschindyliyn are the ones behind it.
I can't risk sending more Dwarves down into that mine until we get our workers back. And that's where you come in, [your class]. Will you help us?

▸ How can I help?
The escaped Dwarf - her name's Rielle - was able to show me the location of the camp she escaped from on my map of the area. She'll be waiting for you near this fortification to tell you what she knows.
Go to the Drow Camp, find the captured Dwarves, and bring them home!
I just can't bear to think of what they have been through.
▸ Don't worry, Foreman. I'll lead the Dwarves to safety.
⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ Why would the Drow do this?
Tethyamar is a fair way from Sschindyliyn, so it's not just some border scrap. The only explanation I can think of is that the Drow want to steal the Jewels of Ardor from right beneath our noses!
▸ What can I do?
⇒ Go to A1
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.
Please huriy! I can't bear to think of our miners in the hands of the Drow.
▸ Close Window.

Drow Camp
(Dungeon Master): The Drow have captured a group of Dwarves and led them off to some sort of camp nearby.
(Dungeon Master): You spot a figure standing before a sealed portcullis. This must be Rielle, the Dwarf who narrowly escaped capture by the Drow.

Rielle Proudforge
'Thanks for agreeing to help get our people back. Let's hope this time goes better than the last attempt!
There's a bit of a swim first, before you get near the Drow encampment proper.'
▸ 'Can you tell me what happened last time?'
'We hadn't gotten far before we found ourselves in an area controlled by Drow. I was the scout, and was taking my time to make sure the way was clear.
But apparently my rocks-for-brains bretheren just couldn't wait. They went barreling on ahead - straight into an ambush.
I didn't see any point in me getting captured too. So I swam back out of the tunnel and went to get help.'
▸ 'Anything else I need to know about what's ahead?'
'Yep, watch out for the ambush spot. On the other side of the water, a bit up the path, there's an elbow that ends in a flooded section. That's were my bretheren were captured.
Best of luck. I'll be following close behind while you clear the way. I'm sorry I can't help against the Drow, but I lost my gear in the swim back. Once we find the Dwarves, I'll see if I can set them free.
But I really hope we don't need to call in a fourth group. At this point, it's kind of embarassing!'
▸  'We'll try to help the captured Dwarves.'

(Dungeon Master): The portcullis lowers. You can see a rough-hewn hole in the cavern floor in the chamber to the North.
(Dungeon Master): This hole reveals an underwater passageway that leads to the east.
(Dungeon Master): You see signs that a small camp had been set up here previously.
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'You will never come between us and the Jewels!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Tethyamar belongs to the Drow!'
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Death to enemies of the Drow!'
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Fight me to the death!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I'll never...stop fighting...'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You're...next.'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Is that all you've got?'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I will never surrender!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'May you bathe in your own blood, surfacer!'
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) A set of large, deep tracks lead off to the West.
(Dungeon Master): The curve of the cave here matches Rielle's description. An ambush may lie ahead.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Death to enemies of the Drow!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I've got fight in me yet!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You think you have the upper hand? You'll see!'
(Say): Drow Ritualist says, 'This last spell will strike you down!'
(Dungeon Master): The sound of more guards readying weapons can be heard from around the corner.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Attack!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'What, are you scared?'
(Dungeon Master): You find a key on one of the fallen guards. No doubt it matches the lock on the gate ahead.
(Dungeon Master): The cave walls give way to a Drow fortification. The doors to the north appear to be sealed with a sigil above the door. Open doors can be seen to the south.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You will die at the end of my blade!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Urghk!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Why don't you run back home to your Dwarves?'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I'm dying?! It can't be!'
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Tethyamar belongs to the Drow!'
(Dungeon Master): The southern door of this barracks is adorned by two unlit gems.
(Dungeon Master): A Drow officer defiantly guards this chamber, preventing you from reaching a lever on the southern wall.
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'I will never surrender!'
(Say): Brec says, 'Not a bad way to make a living, eh?'
(Dungeon Master): The sigil above the lever begins to hum and glow. It seems to match the one that was above the northern door.
(Dungeon Master): Beyond the door lies a long corridor that travels deeper into the structure.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You shouldn't have come here!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Victory to the Drow!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Come and get me!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Surface dwellers aren't welcome here!'
(Dungeon Master): The door opens to reveal a great chamber. A bridge, guarded by menacing forms, spans a pool of searing lava.
(Dungeon Master): The passage continues deeper into the Drow fortification. A breeze hints that cooler caverns lie ahead.
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Intruder! Attack!'
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Intruder! Attack!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'What, are you scared?'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I've got fight in me yet!'
(Dungeon Master): Faint shouts can be heard from deeper in the caves.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Attack!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You shouldn't have come here!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You will not best me!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Is that all you've got?'
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) Drag marks and footprints lead off to the south.
(Dungeon Master): A blast of superheated air escapes as the wall opens. More waves of heat emanate from further down the passageway.
(Dungeon Master): Something large looms in the back of the chamber. It looks as if the very magma has come to life.
(Dungeon Master): The small platforms of lava seem to solidify for a moment, then melt back into liquid form.
(Dungeon Master): The creature topples over and lies motionless on the floor.
(Advancement): Your experience point bonus effect gave you 0 bonus experience points!
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'You'll die before you get past me!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I will never surrender!'
(Dungeon Master): A Drow priestess and her attendants stand clustered near an altar. You glimpse a lever near the altar's base.
(Dungeon Master): The Priestess mutters a final curse as she dies.
(Dungeon Master): The lever is pulled and a porticulis scrapes open nearby.
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'I'm dying?! It can't be!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You're...next.'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Surface dwellers aren't welcome here!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'May you bathe in your own blood, surfacer!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'Death to enemies of the Drow!'
(Say): Outpost Guard says, 'You must be here for the Jewels!'
(Dungeon Master): Two groups of sullen-looking Dwarves are stranded on an island surrounded by magma. While a staircase rises from the island, it is blocked by gates.
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'I just want to go home!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'Get me out of here!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'I don't understand. What's happening?'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'You - you can get us out of here!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'Please - help us!'
(Say): Outpost Archer says, 'Come and get me!'
(Dungeon Master): Several magically-charmed creatures roam the floor. Phy'xzar the Jailer calls down to you from the platform above. "What are you doing in my sanctum? Though ... maybe I can make you tell me more about the Jewels of Ardor than these useless Dwarves have. Get them!'
(Dungeon Master): The Drider bellows at you in defiance. "If my creatures can't stop you, then I will!"
(Dungeon Master): The charmed Dwarves are no longer under the control of Phy'xzar The Jailer.

(Dungeon Master): A creature under the Jailer's control has been slain.

(Dungeon Master): As Phy'xzar falls, the rune above the platform darkens and fades. Jubilant shouts and cheers can be heard from the cavern behind you.
(NPC): Rielle Proudforge tells you, 'Thank you kindly for saving us! While you were busy fighting there at the end, I was able to release my bretheren. It turns out the Drow were grilling them for info about the Jewels of Ardor. Now they're headed back home to the Mining Outpost.'
(Dungeon Master): The walls echo once more - not with the sound of battle, but with the sound of exultant Dwarves escaping their captivity.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'Thank you for freeing me!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'I'm saved!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'Thank you - you're a hero!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'I owe you my life!'
(Say): Dwarf Captive says, 'Thank you! I thought I would die here.'

Contact: Eluf the Steadfast
With Rielle‘s help, you were able to free the enslaved Dwarves from their cage in the Draw‘s camp.
Return to Eluf the Steadfast to tell him the good news

Eluf the Steadfast
Thank the gods. You're alive and well! Tell me, what happened down there?
▸ Just as you said. The Drow were after the Jewels of Ardor. The Dwarves were being held as slaves, but they're safe now.
What a relief to hear our miners have returned!
Thanks to you, we can get our operations back on schedule. And right away!
▸ Surely the miners deserve to rest for a while after this ordeal?
No time for that! Getting back on schedule means more hours, more work, and more Jewels of Ardor! Every miner needs to give us their all, with no exceptions.
But thank you, stranger. I owe you for this. Remember, we can always use more help mining for Jewels!
▸ Thank you for the offer, Foreman, but I'll just take my reward and be on my way.
⇒ Quest completed
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

The Drow have captuied more of our workers. Can you spare your services, [Your name]?
▸ Repeat the quest ‘Third Time's the Charm.‘
▸ Close Window.

Quest Reward
Quest level Item

You successfully retrieved the missing Dwarves from the mercy of the Drow. They are back to work in the mines, but at least they are safe.