Graveyard Shift 2017.07.18
Graveyard Shift  深夜勤務

Update 36: Duel for the Underdark
Adventure pack: The Mines of Tethyamar (725 DP)

Bestowed by: Hagen Silverthumb
In: Tethyamar Mining Outpost
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Tethyamar Mineshaft 214S
Level: Heroic 15  /  Epic 31
Length: medium

Heroic Base XP:  Casual  2,047 XP  /  Normal 3,556 XP  /  Hard 3,700 XP  /  Elite 3,844 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual  XP  /   Normal  XP  /  Hard  XP  /   Elite  XP

Favor:  Casual 3   /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  The Harpers

For some reason, Egil Hakon went mad, murdering all the miners except for Hagen. Go into Mineshaft 214S, find Egil Hakon, and get justice for Hagen and his friends.

Quest Objects
□ Find Egil Hakon
□ Unlock the Gate
□ Explore the Upper Mine Chamber
□ Find a Way Past the Wall of Stone
□ Explore the Mineshaft Hub
□ Find a Way Through the Second Wall of Stone
□ Explore the Lower Mine Chamber
□ Slay Egil Hakon

Large Black Pudding   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Pudding
Large Black Pudding Fragment   CR: 8/10/13   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Pudding
Unbound Mining Elemental   CR: 16/18/21   Type: Elemental   Race: Earth Elemental
Ravenous Umber Hulk   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Aberration   Race: UmberHulk
Lost Miner   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Undead   Race: Zombie
Decaying Miner   CR: 15/17/20   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Damaged Mining Golem   CR: 15/18/22   Type: Construct   Race: Golem
Decaying Battlerager   CR: 15/18/22   Type: Undead   Race: Skeleton
Egil Hakon   CR: 18/20/24   Type: Aberration   Race: Drider
▸ See Invisivility

Score Card
Monsters killed.  (*/56)
Trap disabled.  (*/0)
Secret doors discovered.  (*/0)
Breakables smashed. (*/7)

Trap DC





Quest Item
Silver Key

Unique Loot Item

Hagen Silverthumb
Murder! He - all of a sudden - so many bodies!
He must be stopped before he kills more! By the gods, surface dweller, don't let him get away with this! All my friends, left to rot down in that tunnel!

▸ But how did you escape?
Before I knew it I was running and I dared not look back. He was so close — it's a miracle I'm alive! I can still hear his mad laughter echoing in my ears!
Please, [Your Class], You must do what I couldn't. I can't go back there — I'm too weak.
Go into Tethyamar Mineshaft 214S and stop Egil. Only then can the spirits of my comrades finally rest.
▸ Egil will pay for betraying the Dwarves!
⇒ Quest Bestowed
▸ Close Window.
▸ Slow down, friend. Who's killing who?
It was one of the mine's Foremen - Egil Hakon. We were down in this tunnel mining for Jewels of Ardor when he ...changed.
He got a mean look in his eye, and then a wicked smile lit his face. And then he - he started swinging left and right. So many men struck down by his bloodied pickaxe!
▸ But how did you escape?
⇒ Go to A1
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Tethyamar Mineshaft 214S
(Dungeon Master): A Cleric named Egil Hakon turned against his fellow miners deep inside this mineshaft. What would lead a Dwarf to attack his fellow Dwarves?
(Dungeon Master): This long-abandoned mineshaft has recently become greatly desired by the dwarves.
(Dungeon Master): You've followed the narrow tracks down to the mineshaft. Now to find Egil Hakon and whatever remains of his mining party.
(Dungeon Master): This gate is locked, sealing off the only access to the Upper Mines. You'll need to find a way to open it.

(Dungeon Master): The miners appear to have used this room for sifting through raw ore. A Golem stands in one corner, inactive and neglected.
(NPC): Damaged Mining Golem tells you, 'This golem appears to be dormant for some reason.'

(Dungeon Master): A lone female Dwarf gazes into the depths of a clear pool. When you approach she looks up, startled.
Brin Coldstone
(NPC): Brin Coldstone tells you, 'By Moradin! You almost scared me witless. I thought you were Egil Hakon, coming back to ... to finish the job.'
(NPC): You tell Brin Coldstone, 'I thought Hagen Silverthumb was the only survivor.'
(NPC): Brin Coldstone tells you, 'Hagen? Then he's alive? Thank the gods!
Hagen must not have heard me calling him. I was yelling, "Slow down! Wait for me!" ... but he didn't look back.'
(NPC): You tell Brin Coldstone, 'What happened in there?'
(NPC): Brin Coldstone tells you, 'I just barely escaped the slaughter. It was horrible!
Egil lunged at me, but I tripped him and got away. Even now I'm exhausted from fighting him off. It was the most I could do to close and lock the gate so he couldn't follow me out of the mineshaft.'
(NPC): You tell Brin Coldstone, 'Thank you, Brin. You've been very brave.'
(NPC): Brin Coldstone tells you, 'No, champion. You're the brave one! If I could be even a small bit of help to someone as brave as you, then I'd know I didn't completely fail the other miners.
That key there opens the gate. Please, make sure that nobody gets out. Egil, he ... did something to the miners he killed. When I looked back I saw one of the corpse stand up, as if he were alive again!'
(NPC): You tell Brin Coldstone, 'Don't worry, I'll take care of Egil and the miners. Now, head back to the outpost and get some rest.'

(Dungeon Master): (Spot) The eastern wall is strangely smooth to the touch. It seems unnatural, as though it had been created by a Wall of Stone spell.
(Dungeon Master): A single Mining Golem stands motionless at the end of this path, abandoned long ago.
(Dungeon Master): A feeling of calm determination enfolds you as you head up this passage.
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) A large magical rune is set into the pedestal of Moradin's shrine.
(Dungeon Master): The magical rune flares to life and the long-dormant Mining Golems awaken.
(NPC): Damaged Mining Golem tells you, 'The golem stands there, awaiting instructions.'
(NPC): You tell Damaged Mining Golem, 'Destroy the Wall of Stone that is blocking my path.'
(Dungeon Master): The clanging stride of the Mining Golem has attracted a crowd of Umber Hulks!
(Dungeon Master): With a resounding crash, the Mining Golem destroys the Wall of Stone.
(Dungeon Master): The smell of blood and rot seeps into your nostrils, growing worse the deeper you move into this chamber.
(Dungeon Master): Another Wall of Stone spell seals the passage to the north.
(Dungeon Master): Mineral veins glimmer in the stone walls of this tunnel, lit by glowing gemstones scattered in piles on the ground.
(Dungeon Master): Several Umber Hulks claw their way into the mineshaft and attack!
(Dungeon Master): Echoes reverberate through the mineshaft as the Golem breaks through the Wall of Stone.
(Dungeon Master): The air is thick with the stench of fresh gore. You steel yourself for what you know what lies ahead.
(Dungeon Master): The Dwarf's frenzied eyes stare at you with genuine pleasure. "Ah. More volunteers to mine for the Jewels! Wonderful!"
(Dungeon Master): "You'll make a splendid new miner," enthuses Egil. "And how much harder you'll work! Now stand still. It will only hurt for a moment."
(Dungeon Master): Egil sneers. "You're not here to help me with the mining, are you? You're here to steal my Jewels of Ardor. Workers - attack!"
(Dungeon Master): Egil lets out a strangled cry as he falls. You've stopped his plan to create undead and use them as miners. Yet what led the Dwarf to embrace such a mad scheme?
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.

Contact: Hagen Silverthumb
You discovered that Egil Hakon was actually a spellcaster who was using the reanimated bodies of the murdered Dwarves to collect Jewels of Ardor.
Return to Hagen Silverthumb to tell him that Egil's mad scheme has been put to an end.

Hagen Silverthumb
I'm so glad you're alive! Another survivor. Here I thought I was the only one!
And to think you were with me this whole time. My one true friend  haha! How could I not see you?

▸ Ummmm. Hagen, who are you talking no?
Don't interrupt! Oh, it's just you, [Your name].
Egil's dead? Really dead? That's a relief. Now we survivors can focus on healing. Right, little one? Hahaha...
Here you are, [Your Class]. Thank you for what you've done. But you may leave us now! We have a lot of catching up to do.
▸ Take care then, Hagen. Have fun with your  friend?
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Quest Reward
Quest level Item

You managed to defeat Egil Hakon, releasing the souls of Hagen's undead comrades and allowing them to rest in peace.