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Update 38: Disciples of Rage
Adventure Pack: Disciples of Rage (Free to VIP / 725DP)

Bestowed by: Elsa d'Jorasco
In: House Jorasco Enclave
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Dannel's Pride
Level: Heroic 14  /  Epic 31
Length: medium

Heroic Base XP:  Casual  2,047 XP  /  Normal  3,556 XP  /  Hard  3,700 XP  /  Elite  3,844 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual   XP  /   Normal  XP  /  Hard   XP  /   Elite   XP

Favor:  Casual 3  /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  House Jorasco

Go to Dannel's Pride and end the riot that has broken out there.

Quest Objects
□ Locate Elsa d'Jorasco
□ Speak to Elsa d'Jorasco
□ Find an immune person
□ Recover missing supplies
□ Investigate the nearby alleyway
□ Pacify the Courtyard
□ Enter the main plaza
□ Seek out cursed rioters as they emerge
□ Pursue the Cultists into the eastern alley
□ Traverse the alleyways
□ Defeat Aerele
□ Clear the plaza of rioters
□ (Optional) Locate the immune Drow
□ (Optional) Locate Llorewyth

Stormreach Citizen  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Watchman  CR: 14//19  Type: Dwarf  Race: Dwarf
Disciple Sentry  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Subduer  CR: 14//19  Type: Humanoid  Race: Human
Disciple Explorder  CR: 14//19  Type: Humanoid  Race: Human
Disciple Ragecaster  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Thrasher  CR: 15//20  Type: Orc  Race: Half-Orc
Disciple Siphon  CR: 15//20  Type: Aberration
Disciple Eye Horror  CR: 14//19  Type: Aberration
Enraged Bear  CR: 15//20  Type: Animal  Race: Bear
Aerele  CR: 16//21  Type: Humanoid  Race: Human
Throbos  CR: 17//22  Type: Dwarf  Race: Dwarf

Chipped Bone Talisman
Ritual Candle
Adventurer's Pack
Blessed Candle
Chipped Bone Talisman
Adventurer's Pack
Bloodfeast Fungus
Chipped Bone Talisman
Adventurer's Pack
Bloodfeast Fungus
Chipped Bone Talisman

Score Card
monsters killed.  (*/62 and more)
60  Aggression bonus.  +10%
traps disabled.  (*/)
  **Ingenious Debilitation bonus**  +30%
secret door discovered.  (*/2)
1  Observance bonus.  +8%
breakables smashed.  (*/31)
16  Mischief bonus.  +8%
21  Vandal bonus!  +10%
25  **Ransack Bonus**  +15%



Unique Loot Item
Hands of House Jorasco  ハウス・ジョラスコの手
Equips to: Hands
Ingredient Type: Touch of Madness
Minimum Level: 14
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ Heal +15: +15 Competence bonus to Heal.
▸ Healing Lore +13%: Passive: Your Healing spells gain a +13% Equipment Bonus to their chance to Critical Hit.
▸ Insightful Heal +7: +7 Insight bonus to Heal.
▸ Equipped Healing Amplification +15: +15 Equipment Bonus to Healing Amplification.
▸ Trace of Madness: You can almost hear faint, panicked voices when this item is close to you. Perhaps the latent power of this item's hint of madness could be brought out by some catalyst.
▸ Empty Blue Augment Slot: This item has a Blue Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue Augment. Augments can be found as treasure or be purchased from the DDO Store.
Healing is a noble art, but the sight the sick and dying have a way of sticking in one's memories...
Loot: End Chest

Stormreach Guardian's Hammer  ストームリーチ守護者の鉄槌
War Hammer(One-handed)  /  Equips to: Main Hand, Off Hand  /  Martial Weapon Proficiency
Minimum Level: 14
Binds to Account on Acquire
Base Damage Rating: 12.65  /  Damage: (6-17) 1.50[1d8] + 5 Bludgeon, Magic  /  Critical Roll: (5%18-51) 20 / X3
Attack Mod: STR  /  Damage Mod: STR
Ghost Touch
▸ +5 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor with this quality gains a +5 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons with this quality gain a +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
▸ Chilling 3: This effect causes the edges of this weapon to become frozen to the touch, dealing 3d6 Ice damage on each hit.
▸ Crushing 8: This effect causes the edges of this weapon to ripple with force, dealing 8d6 force damage on each critical hit.
▸ Ghost Touch: An incorporeal creature's 50% chance to avoid damage does not apply to attacks with ghost touch weapons.
▸ Shockwave: On Vorpal, this weapon triggers a Shockwave, striking its target with bludgeoning damage and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
▸ Empty Red Augment Slot: This item has a Red Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Red Augment. Augments can be found as treasure or be purchased from the DDO Store.
Set: Renegade Champion:
● 3 Pieces Equipped: +1 Artifact Bonus to Critical Multiplier on a 19-20. -I-2 Artifact Bonus to Rune Arm Dcs. +10 Artifact Bonus to Repair Amplification.
Left behind by a fallen member of the Stormreach Harbor Guard, this hammer still has strikes left in it.
Loot: End chest

Elsa d'Jorasco
The city is in crisis, [your name]. The theft of the Harbor beacon has exposed Stormreach to the ancient curse that brought down the Giants.
The Du'rashka Tul has sent most of the population of Dannel's Pride into fits of rage, and a major riot has broken out in the district.
There's not much House Jorasco can do about the curse - we've healers, not Wizards - but we might still be able to help the people of Dannel's Pride.

▸ What do you have in mind to deal with the rioters in Dannel's Pride?
If we can't remove the curse from the people of Dannel's Pride, we can at least stop them from harming each other.
I have a plan to subdue the rioters using a gas I've developed. It will weaken the rioters significantly. Then it's just a question of tranquilizing them until we figure out a way to treat the curse.
That's where you come in. I need someone to help me. Will you come with me to Dannel's Pride to subdue the rioters?
▸ Let's go to Dannel's Pride and deal with the rioters.
'Disciples of Rage - Quarantine' Quest Advanced
’憤怒の従弟 - 隔離’クエスト進行
'Quarantine' Quest Bestowed
’隔離’ - クエスト受諾
▸ Close Window.
▸ What is the Du'rashka Tul?
It's a curse the Dragons placed on the continent of Xen'drik centuries ago. If you're affected by the curse and near a group of other people, you become overcome with rage.
The Du'rashka Tul destroyed the Giants‘ civilization. But the Du'rashka Tul never affected Stormieach, not even when the city grew so much after the Last War.
What nobody knew is that the Harbor beacon wasn't just a handy light. It was a magical artifact that protected the area around the city from the Du'rashka Tul through the ages.
With the beacon is gone, the curse is staiting to spread in the city.
▸ So what's your plan?
go to [A1]
▸ Why is this happening in Dannel's Pride?
go to [A3]
▸ Close Window.
▸ Why is this happening in Dannel's Pride?
We think it's because Dannel's Pride is so densely populated. Refugees streamed into the district after the last War, and it's been packed ever since.
‘Du'rashka Tul' means ‘the Madness of Crowds’. The curse seems to manifest only if large groups of people are gatheied together in a small space.
Of course, thats pretty much the definition of a city! The riots may have staited in Dannel's Pride, but I have no doubt they'll spread to the rest of the city. Unless we do something about it first.
▸ What do you have in mind to deal with the rioters in Dannel's Pride?
go to [A1]
▸ What is the Du'rashka Tul?
go to [A2]
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Dannel's Pride
(Dungeon Master): Packed with regugees who fled the Last War, Dannel's Pride is the city's most crowded district. Now the teeming area is gripped by the madness that descended after the Harbor Beacon was stolen.
(Dungeon Master): A strange vapor seeps off of the streets, the result of House Jorasco's bombardment of the neighborhood. According to the healers, rioters treated with this substance will be easier to subdue.

(Dungeon Master): Elsa d'Jorasco stands near a magic barrier she's conjured to isolate this neighborhood from the rest of the city. She looks at you with both hope and fear in her eyes.

Elsa d'Jorasco
'You're here - good, we can get started!
The rage curse is running rampant in this quarter. We think it's because Dannel's Pride is so densely populated. Whatever the reason, we don't want an angry mob rampaging through the city, so we've sealed off the entire neighborhood and put it under quarantine.
That still leaves the problem of what to do with those afflicted. Our only option at the moment is to incapacitate them until we figure out a cure. To help make that happen, we've bombarded the entire neighborhood with a magical mist that will help pacify the afflicted. But we also need your help.'

▸ 'What exactly do you need me for?'
'The mist slows down the afflicted, but we need you to subdue them to the point where they're out cold - incapacitated.
Be as gentle as you can, but we undertand that there will be some casualties in an operation like this. As soon as you've cleared the area, we'll head in to treat the wounded and afflicted.
We need your help with some other matters as well. Someone in the quarantine zone has stolen the relief supplies we broght with us. See if you can track down the thieves. Also, we've had reports that some people in Dannel's Pride are unaffected by the curse. If anyone is immune to its effects, we need to know all about them.'
▸ 'I'll see what I can do. '
'Thank you, I hope we can find some way to treat these people. If not, this city won't be around much longer.
As I said, the whole area is under lockdown. As you clear out individual areas, our people will open the portcullises to allow you to move further into the quarter.'
▸ 'Very well, I'll do what I can.'

(Dungeon Master): Elsa lowers the nearby portcullis, giving you access to an alleyway to the west, You may now enter the quarantined area.
(Dungeon Master): You get the sense that too many people have been forced to live in too small of an area. Suddenly, shouts break out behind the portcullis - shouts filled with madness and rage.
(Dungeon Master): The last of the cursed rioters in the courtyard have been pacified. Yet you can hear more shouts coming from the alleyway.

Haverdasher  ハーバーダッシャー
'Thank you for keeping those madmen away from me. They're even more deranged than Durk!
I settled down in this neighborhood because the rents were cheap and the people were friendly. Now I'll have to move again. I can't possibly afford to live in the Kundarak enclave, and I've heard conflicting reports about the Saltire District ....'

▸ 'Haverdasher! I remember you from the Harbor. How are you doing?'
'Well enough, until this madness started.
One night the Harbor beacon shuts off. Then when I went to get coffee the next morning, my server almost takes my head off. Literally - she came at me waving the coffee-pot like a cudgel!
Odd thing is, I don't seem to be affected in the slightest. No idea why.
I've run into a couple of other people in this neighborhood who don't seem to feel the curse - Llorewyth and a Drow fellow - but I haven't seen them for a while. No doubt they've hunkered down, just like I have.
▸ 'I'll try to learn more about why some people aren't affected.'
(Dungeon Master): Haverdasher said that he knows of several others who bore no ill-effect from the curse.

(Dungeon Master): Something whistles overhead. In the distance someone shouts, "Watch out! They're sending in more of that mist!"
(Dungeon Master): The Disciples of Rage urge the crowd inside the plaza to commit greater and greater acts of madness. As you approach, you spot several cultists dashing into the alley to the east.

(Dungeon Master): This secret door reveals a small office where Llorewyth hides from the rioting outside.

Llorewyth  ロローワイス
'What are you doing here? What do you want with me??'
▸  'I'm looking for those who aren't affected by the curse. I'm trying to find a treatment.'
'Ah, I see! Forgive me, I thought you might be one of the rioters - or worse, one of the cultists.
I've been laying low ever since one of my alchemical experiments went poorly.
I've been investigating the properties of various scorpion venoms, and I had an extremely adverse reaction to one of the ingredients I was working with.
I was in bed for a week! When I recovered, I learned that these riots had broken out.
Unfortunately, I don't have a list of ingredients - and my memory of the past week is fuzzy, to say the least.'
▸ 'Hmm! Thanks for the information, and feel better.'
(Dungeon Master): It seems that there may be sort of connection between scorpion venom and the madness caused by the curs.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 348 XP.
目標達成! 348 XP

(Dungeon Master): With the help of the mist, you've managed to subdue all the rioters in the plaza. The way is now open.
(Dungeon Master): "You all came here seeking a home!" cries one of the Disciples of Rage to the rioters. "But instead of welcoming you, Stormreach turned its head. Time to give this city what it deserves!"
(Dungeon Master): A woman issues orders to the nearby cultists. She turns to greet you as you approach. "Welcome! With you here, we can spread the bliss more quickly. Join us! Give into rage!"
(Dungeon Master): The cultist whispers to you as she dies, "This city's doom is sealed. The curse - it's only a beginning." The roar of the crowd from the neighboring streets increases. It sounds like the main plaza is once again filled with rioters.
(Dungeon Master): Beyond the secret door is a Drow matching the description Haverdasher gave you.

Ras'talas  ラズタラス
'Welcome, stranger. You don't seem to be mad - not like the rest of them.
I came to this city from the desert to help my fellow Drow worship Vulkoor, our god. Yet somehow I doubt you came to me about matters of faith. What brings you into my temporary home? '
▸ 'I am seeking those who are unaffected by this curse. Do you know why the cure has left you untouched?'
'I have no idea. I've only been here for a short amount of time, though.
I have heard of other Drow in this quarter who, like me, do not feel the madness. I wonder why that might be.'
▸ 'I can't help but notice the scars on your face. How did you get them?'
'The scars are gifts from Vulkoor. I have been stung by countless scorpions as part of a time-honored rite. Those who survive become one of the god's priests.'
▸ 'I see. Thanks for the information. I hope you and yours stay safe.'
(Dungeon Master): Perhaps the Drow's tale will lead to a way to treat this curse.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.
目標達成! 0XP

(Dungeon Master): The last of the enraged rioters in the plaza has been subdued.
(Dungeon Master): A now-familiar sound can be heard overhead, heading your way. Best to find cover.
(Dungeon Master): You've stopped the Disciples of Rage from stealing supplies. The resources provided by House Jorasco will now go to the people trapped inside the quarantine zone, as intended.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 8,385 XP.
8,385 XP を受け取った。


Contact: Elsa d'Jorasco
Speak with Elsa d'Jorasco in the House Jorasco Enclave about the subdued rioters.

Elsa d'Jorasco  エルサ・ド・ジョラスコ
Thanks for subduing the rioters. We'll keep them sedated heie in the hospital until we find a better treatment. It's not ideal, I know, but it will have to do for now. Part of being a healer is having to make hard choices.
▸ I'll try to help House Jorasco find a better treatment.
▸ Close Window.

More riots have broken out in Dannel's Pride. Will you help us end them?
▸ Repeat the quest ‘Quarantine.’
▸ Close Window.

Quest Reward

Random Item.

You helped a House Jorasco healer subdue rioters in the Dannel's Pride district.