The Age of Rage 2018.06.09
The Age of Rage  激怒の時代

Adventure Pack: Disciples of Rage (Free to VIP / 725DP)

Bestowed by: Urqhart Steadfast
In: House Jorasco Enclave
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Dockside Cartwrights
Level: Heroic 14  /  Epic 31
Length: medium

Heroic Base XP:  Casual   XP  /  Normal   XP  /  Hard   XP  /  Elite   XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual    XP  /  Normal   XP  /  Hard   XP  /  Elite   XP

Favor:  Casual 3  /  Normal 5  /  Hard 10  /  Elite 15
Patron:  House Jorasco

Go to the Dockside Cartwrights and investigate the Disciples of Rage Headquarters.

Quest Objects
□ Find a way to enter the workshop
□ Find out whether this is the right place
□ Find a way deeper into the base
□ Quench your thirst for bloodshed on cultists
□ Sate your hunger for destruction on furniture and supplies: 90 left
□ Investigate the Book
□ (Optional) Find clues about the Disciples of Rage: 5 left
 (オプション)憤怒の門弟の手がかりを探す:残り 5
□ (Optional) Slay the enraged bears in the training cage
□ (Optional) Find out why someone was in the abandoned corridor
□ (Optional) Clear out the sleeping quarters

Disciple Watchman  CR: 14//19  Type: Dwarf  Race: Dwarf
Disciple Sentry  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Subduer  CR: 14//19  Type: Humanoid  Race: Human
Disciple Ragecaster  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Thrasher  CR: 15//20  Type: Orc  Race: Half-Orc
Disciple Siphon  CR: 15//20  Type: Aberration
Disciple Eye Horror  CR: 14//19  Type: Aberration
Hateful Stare  CR: 14//19  Type: Aberration
Red Slaad Invader  CR: 15//20  Type: Aberration  Race: Slaad
▸ Regenration
Enraged Bear  CR: 15//20  Type: Animal  Race: Bear
Big Bear  CR: 16//21  Type: Animal  Race: Bear
Omaro the Mad  CR: 16//21  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
▸ See Invisibility
▸ Blur
Quixzobie Kal  CR: 17//22  Type: Aberration  Race: Beholder
▸ See Invisibility

Cryptic Message 2
Chipped Bone Talisman
Ruddy Fungus 2
Sanguine Moss
Alchemy Table
Blessed Candle
Vial of Heavy Water

Score Card
monsters killed.  (*/111)
61  Aggression bonus.  +10%
76  Onslaught bonus!  +15%
89  **Conquest Bonus**  +25%
traps disabled.  (*/17)
9 Tanoer bonus.  +10% 
12  Neutralization bonus!  +20%
14  **Ingenious Debilitation bonus**  +30%
secret door discovered.  (*/0)
breakables smashed.  (*/126)
64  Mischief bonus.  +8%
85  Vandal bonus!  +10%
102  **Ransack Bonus**  +15%



Unique Loot Item
Construct Champion's Bands
Equips to: Wrists
Minimum Level: 14
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ Rune Arm Focus +3: +3 Equipment bonus to DC of Rune Arms.
▸ Repair Amplification +29: +29 Enhancement Bonus to Repair Amplification.
▸ Reconstruction +90: Passive: +90 Equipment Bonus to Repair and Rust Spell Power.
▸ Deadly +6: +6 Competence bonus to Weapon Damage.
▸ Empty Green Augment Slot: This item has a Green Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue or Yellow Augment. Augments can be found as treasure or be purchased from the DDO Store.
Set: Renegade Champion:
● 3 Pieces Equipped: +1 Artifact Bonus to Critical Multiplier on a 19-20. +2 Artifact Bonus to Rune Arm DCs. +10 Artifact Bonus to Repair Amplification.
Durability: 240  /  Steel (Hardness: 34)
These bands are relatively uncomfortable for those who weren't built with their use in mind.

Urqhart Steadfast
This curse is bad, very bad — and the Disciples of Rage running amok is making it worse!
We're going to stop them, though, [your name]. You and me.
You see, I know where their headquarters is. One of my informers told me. Together we'll make them pay for stealing the beacon!

▸ And what did you learn from this informant?
The informant told me a bunch of things about the Disciples of Rage — why they wear masks, how they have some sort of magic book, and a lot of drivel about why they love rage so very much.
But the main thing is, he told me that their headquarters is an ordinary-sounding workshop called Dockside Cartwrights.
He was supposed to get me a key to get in — but then he vanished, just like that. So we're going to have to just blunder in blind.
I'm sure that won't be any problem for you, correct?
▸ Point me to Dockside Cartwrights. I'm ready to take on the Disciples of Rage.
▸ Close Window.
▸ I thought the Twelve just researched magic stuff. Why do you have informants?
The Twelve does many things, [your name]. One of those things is keep a veiy close eye of the Cults of the Dragon Below. Because if any of them succeeded in their goals — well, I shudder just to think of it.
I've spent my life tracking those cults, and along the way I've built up a network of informants who let me know what they're up to. One of those informants contacted me about the Disciples of Rage.
▸ So what did the infomant tell you?
Go to [A1]
▸ If the beacon was the only thing shielding us from the curse, why didn't the Twelve protect it better?
Go to [A3]
▸ Close Window.
▸ If the beacon was the only thing shielding us from the curse, why didn't the Twelve protect it better?
Because we didn't know! Nobody knew!
We thought the beacon was just an interesting ancient curio. And everybody thought that the Du'rashka Tul was just a legend the Giants told themselves to explain why their civilization collapsed.
\Turns out the beacon was the only thing standing between this city and madness — and we didn't realize it until it was gone.
▸ And what did you learn from this informant?
Go to [A1]
▸ I thought the Twelve just researched magic stuff. Why do you have informants?
Go to [A2]
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Get back to the Disciples of Rage headquarters, [your name], and make them pay!
▸ Close Window.

Dockside Cartwrights  港の車輪鍛冶施設
(Dungeon Master): You've been told that this innocent-looking workshop is likely to be the headquarters for the Disciples of Rage.
(Dungeon Master): You've arrived at the Dockside Cartwrights workshop, but the well-worn door is locked tight. Perhaps there is a key somewhere nearby?
(NPC): Unnatural Looking Rock tells you, 'This papier-mache "rock" is hollow. A well-worn key is hidden beneath it.'
(NPC): You tell Unnatural Looking Rock, 'Take the key.'
(Say): Disciple Watchman says, 'Oh! Sorry, you'll have to leave. We're closed for the night .... Funny, I could have sworn I locked the door!'
(Dungeon Master): You've found a way inside the building that's said to house the headquarters of the Disciples of Rage. Time to see if your informant was well-informed.
(Say): Disciple Sentry says, 'If you come back tomorrow, we can do business then. You need to leave now.'
(Dungeon Master): These documents show there's more to these "cartwrights" than meets the eye. Perhaps you can find other papers that will tell you more about the Disciples of Rage.

Potential Clue  潜在する手がかり
'You skim through a pile of mundane papers, mostly receipts. Apparently the Discples of Rage make a decent income from the workshop they use as a front for their cult.
One page catches your eye, an unsigned note that reads:
"Our contact told us to prepare - they'll be here any day now to steal it. The Age of Rage is coming, just as the book promised. Stormreach will be set ablaze, and the Disciples of Rage shall bask in the glow of the sacred fire!"'


(Dungeon Master): The lever is pulled - and the nearby workers immediately pull weapons from their hiding places. You're under attack!
(Dungeon Master): Beyond the hidden doorway is some kind of fortified area. It looks like you're in the right place after all.
(Say): Disciple Subduer says, 'You shouldn't be back here!'
(Dungeon Master): Pressure builds behind your eyes as a massive headache sets in. You feel restless and agitated.
(Dungeon Master): Pain courses through your head and your vision tinges red. A burning rage overtakes you - a rage that can only be quenched with destruction.

Potential Clue  潜在する手がかり
(NPC): Potential Clue tells you, 'This note is written in an elegant, educated hand:
"Why wear the masks? One reason, of course, is that their enchantments allow us to channel the rage caused by the curse. That way we feel the purifying power of rage while still maintaining purpose and direction.
Yet there is another, more important reason. Rage is purity, rage is divinity. The masks show us, not as we are, but as we are meant to be."'


(Dungeon Master): Angry growls emanate from behind the metal gateway. These bears, goaded into rage by the cultists, would cause havoc if they were released into the city.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 552 XP.
目標達成! 552 XP.

(Dungeon Master): The pain subsides, and your anger rapidly fades. You need to finish with the Disciples of Rage quickly, before the madness can take hold again.

(Say): Omaro the Mad says, 'What are you doing? I wont let you take one more step!'
(Say): Omaro the Mad says, 'No! The Book promised I would die filled with holy rage. Not ... like this...'

Potential Clue  潜在する手がかり
(NPC): Potential Clue tells you, 'The ink on the last page of this journal looks fresh:
"Success! Our allies have stolen the beacon and are already on a ship back to Sharn.
Now the Disciples of Rage must fulfill our part of the bargain by provoking the mobs and letting the curse do its work. Soon there will be nothing left of this city but ashes.
The thieves thought they were using us to cover their tracks. The mad Lord of Eyes thinks he's using us to bring him closer to escape. What none of these clods can understand is that we do this purely for ourselves. For us, the rage is an end in itself. Behold the glory of the Age of Blissful Rage!"'


(Dungeon Master): The cultists' strange experiments are not as inert as they seemed.
(Dungeon Master): This area of the base looks to be poorly maintained and rarely used. A single set of footprints leads through the dust on the floor.
(Dungeon Master): This must be the informant that went ahead to scout. Lucky for him it wasn't a cultist that found him first.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 250 XP.
目標達成! 250 XP.

Drelg  ドレルグ
'You dont look like you're here to kill me - so you must be sent by the Twelve? Urqhart said he'd send someone in if I missed my contact.
Judging by the sounds I've been hearing, you've been busy!'
▸ 'Why are you down here?'
'After I stole these masks, the Disciples didn't take too kindly to having me around.
Combine a few noisemakers placed in precise spots with a well timed shout about "intruders" and here I am.'
▸ 'But why down here?'
'I had it all planned out ahead of time. Picked the lock on the gate so I wouldn't have to struggle with it on the way out.
Only thing I didn't account for is having to climb out using that pipe while carrying this heavy crate of masks.'
▸ 'I have another question.'
Go to [A1]
▸’Yeah, that sounds terrible. Good luck!'
▸ 'Close Window'
▸ 'You have a mask on. Why arent you raging?'
'Haven't you figured out how these things work yet?
The masks don't prevent rage, they channel it so you can still control your actions.
So the real question here is: Why aren't you going berserk? You don't have a mask.'
▸ '(Lie) I'm far too powerful for such a feeble curse to affect me!'
'Too powerful, huh?
Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. So, I wont lie. I'm jealous if you're completely unaffected by this maddening ancient curse that seems to be potent enough that even Giants are afraid of it. Notice I said, "If."'

▸ 'I have another question.'
Go to [A1]
▸ 'Yeah. You should be.'
▸ '(Exaggerate a bit) Even without a mask, I'm still strong-willed enough to control myself. It's a talent of mine.'
'Really? Impressive to hear. I'd heard of some amazing adventurers going around lately. I guess you're one of them?'
▸ 'I have another question.'
Go to [A1]
▸ 'You're too kind'
▸ '(Tell the Truth) It did affect me earlier. I killed a dozen cultists and smashed up the place until I snapped out of it.'
'Uhhh, that is... unexpectly candid.
Could you do me a favor and lower your weapons? Slowly, if you dont mind.'
▸ 'I have another question.'
Go to [A1]
▸ 'I think I'm good now. Really. It's fine.'
▸ 'How did you manage to infiltrate the cult?'
'It took a while. I finally managed to figure out how they recruit people.
Turns out, they contact people they've observed being affected more than normal by stress and anger, and those detached from society.'
▸ 'All right. What did you do to get recruited, then?'
'I showed them what they wanted to see - someone who had been driven out of society, someone who was angry at my place in the world, someone who lashed out.
When they contacted me I told them what they wanted to hear. After a while, they gave me a test. I had to give in to uncontrolled rage. I did it ... but I've not felt the same since.'
▸ 'What happened after that?'
'After I passed their test, they gave me a mask and invited me to come here. I watched while they preached about rage while others volunteered to become those Eye Horror monsters.
When I heard about that they were expecting an "Age of Rage" that would affect everyone, I knew it was time to get out with the goods and report back to my handler.'

▸ 'I have another question.'
Go to [A1]
▸ 'Well, it's a good thing you got out when you did. Otherwise I'd have taken you out with the rest of them.'
▸ 'Close Window'
▸ 'Close Window'
▸ 'Close Window'

Potential Clue  潜在する手がかり
(NPC): Potential Clue tells you, 'This hastily scrawled note reads:
"The Magisters of the Twelve hold one of the keys to the new age deep within their vaults. The Book tells us that this item - a scepter to be precise - is integral to the return of the mad Lord. But first we must wait for the theft of the beacon, and the coming of the rage."'


(Dungeon Master): The snores of sleeping cultists fill this hallway. Best take them out now before they realize you're here.

(Dungeon Master): The documents you found show that while the Disciples of Rage welcomed the theft of the Harbor beacon, they did not steal the artifact themselves. The unknown culprits have already shipped the beacon to Sharn, across the Thunder Sea.

Potential Clue  潜在する手がかり
(NPC): Potential Clue tells you, 'This appears to be some sort of pamphlet.
"The Book tells us that an age of madness is coming. With the city's protection gone at last, the madness that has festered in its streets and alleyways will finally be free to flourish.
It will all begin with the return of the rage that laid the Giants low and reduced the city to ruin once before.
We welcome the rage, for rage is holy. Rage is pure. Rage is complete. Only when we give ourselves over to rage do we become everything we were meant to be."'


(Dungeon Master): With these quarters cleared out, the cult should be greatly weakened.

(Dungeon Master): You place the crest neatly into the socket.
(Dungeon Master): More Eye Horrors occupy this hallway, almost as if they were guarding something.
(Dungeon Master): A strange volume floats above the altar. This must be the book the cultist mentioned.
The Book of Rage  怒りの書
'This book seems to radiate an almost tangible sense of madness. With a sense of forboding, you place your hand on the book.'
▸ 'This ... is definitely bad. (Destroy the book)'
▸ '(Open the book and read a page)'
'The words on the page seem to write themselves. As you read, the feeling of irrational anger wells up again.
"Inception of commencement through the attenuation of denouement. An encompassing engulfment of rancorous animus that becomes a beatitude of ecstasy. The genesis of a plenary tenancy!"'
▸ 'Never mind - this is definitely bad. (Destroy the book)'
▸ '(Squint hard and lean in to try to figure out what it means)'
'By gritting your teeth and focusing through the anger, you get a clearer view of what is on the page.
"The dawn of the Age of Madness is the end of sanity. The end of sanity can only be attained in the blissful slaughter of all that is right of mind.
Let rage flow. Let the anger consume and destroy everything. Embrace enlightenment through rage.
The coming of rage will be one of many beginnings that all lead to my escape and certain victory. This is the message of Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes."'
▸ 'Nope. Absolutely bad. Really, really bad. Time to destroy the book! (Destroy the book)'
▸ 'Close Window'
▸ 'Close Window'
▸ 'Close Window'
(Dungeon Master): The book is instantly engulfed in flame. Yet before you can congratulate yourself on a job well done, the burning tome emits an intense pulse of arcane energy. The destruction of the book has brought forth a guardian.
(Dungeon Master): "Now you've done it!" cries the book's guardian. "These cultists were quite useful, not to mention delicious. Lord Belashyrra will not be pleased."
(Say): Quixzobie Kal says, 'Still here? Let's get some more eyes on the problem.'
(Say): Quixzobie Kal says, 'Damn your persistence! Let's take another look.'
(Dungeon Master): You've destroyed the headquarters of the Disciples of Rage and broken their link to the insane Lord of Eyes. Yet the city is still gripped by the ancient curse that destroyed the Giants. The cult is gone, but the rage remains.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 10,543 XP.
あなたは10,543 XPを受け取った。

Contact: Urqhart Steadfast
Speak with Urqhart Steadfast in the House Jorasco Enclave about what you found in the Disciples of Rage headquarters.

Urqhart Steadfast
Well done, but I wish you had better news for me.
The beacon's already been sent to Sharn? And it wasn't even the Disciples who stole it in the first place? Then who did? And how in blazes Will we get it back?
And I don't like the idea of the Disciples being in contact with the Lord of Eyes. It makes me think this ‘age of madness‘ may not be complete nonsense after all.
Still, you really gave it to the Disciples of Rage — and you can't say they didn't deserve it! Now all we have to do is come up with some sort of treatment for the curse before the people of this city burn it to the ground.
▸ I'll do what I can.
'Disciples of Rage - The Age of Rage' Quest Advanced
'The Age of Rage' Quest Complete
▸ Close Wlndow.


You destroyed the headquarters of the Disciples of Rage in Stormreach.