Toxic Treatment 2018.06.16
Toxic Treatment  毒性治療

Update 38: Disciples of Rage
Adventure Pack: Disciples of Rage (Free to VIP / 725DP)

Bestowed by: D'naria L'roshal
In: House Jorasco Enclave
Adventure Notes: This adventure is of average difficulty.

Enter: Vulkoori Drow Village
Level: Heroic 14  /  Epic 31
Length: long

Heroic Base XP:  Casual  2,911 XP  /  Normal  5,068 XP  /  Hard  5,284 XP  /  Elite  5,500 XP
Epic Base XP:  Casual   14,576 XP  /  Normal  24,909 XP  /  Hard  25,524 XP  /  Elite  26,140 XP

Favor:  Casual 3  /  Normal 6  /  Hard 12  /  Elite 18
Patron:  House Jorasco

Travel to the Vulkoori Drow Village and convince the village elders to let you use Vulkoor's Gift.

Quest Objects
□ Find 'Vulkoor's Gift'
□ Find the Drow village
□ Gain the favor of the three Elders
□ Pass the Warrior's Trial
□ Warrior's Trial: Defeat Umber Hulks
□ Find the Temple Gate Lever
□ Collect Luminous Mushrooms: 5 left
□  Pass the Hunter's Trial
□ Hunter's Trial: Intelligence
□ Hunter's Trial: Return to Elder L'roshal
□ Return the Mushrooms to Elder T'raalen
□ Enter the Drow Temple
□ Defeat the Cult of Rage Invaders
□ (Optional) Find the Ornate Mithral Lock
□ (Optional) Defeat the Sulatar Raiding Party
□ (Optional) Defeat Mrr'Dred the Drow-Slayer

Harpy Scavenger   CR: //20   Type: Monstrous Humanoid   Race: Harpy
Guard Scorpion   CR: //19   Type: Vermin   Race: Scorpion
Large Black Pudding   CR: //20   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Pudding
Large Black Pudding Fragment  CR: //13   Type: Ooze   Race: Black Pudding
Invading Umber Hulk   CR: //21    Type: Aberration    Race: UmberHulk
Sulatar Drow Firebinder   CR: //19    Type: Elf    Race: Drow Elf
Sulatar Drow Archer   CR: //19    Type: Elf    Race: Drow Elf
Crawling Coinage   CR: //19   Type: Construct   Race: Animated Object
Saramander Flamesinger   CR: //20    Type: Evil Outsider    Race: Salamander
Sulatari Fire Elemental   CR: //20    Type: Elemental    Race: Fire Elemental
Trial Adversary   CR: //17    Type: Elemental    Race: Air Elemental
▸ Displacement
Trial Challenger   CR: //20    Type: Elemental    Race: Air Elemental
Vine Blight   CR: //16    Type: Plant    Race: Vine Blight
Needle Blight   CR: //16    Type: Plant    Race: Vine Blight
Disciple Watchman  CR: 14//19  Type: Dwarf  Race: Dwarf
Disciple Sentry  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Disciple Ragecaster  CR: 14//19  Type: Elf  Race: Elf
Enraged Bear  CR: 15//20  Type: Animal  Race: Bear
Hatchling   CR: //10   Type: Vermin   Race: Scorpion

Captain Ranimar  CR: //22  Type: Elf  Race: Drow Elf
▸ See Invisibility
Flame Priestess Angaste  CR: //22  Type: Elf  Race: Drow Elf
▸ See Invisibility
Massive Shambling Mound  CR: //22  Type: Plant  Race: Shambling Mount
MrrDred  CR: //22  Type: Animal  Race: Panther
▸ See Invisibility
Xig Zit Zarlag   CR: //22    Type: Aberration    Race: Beholder
▸ See Invisibility

Adventuere's Pack
Vial of Heavy Water
Ritual Candle 2
Fungus (Moss)
Swaying Mushroom Cluster 2
Bloodfeast Fungus
Fungus (Moss)
Ruddy Fungus 2
Fungus (Purple)
Swaying Mushroom Cluster
Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod
Ruddy Fungus
Fungus (White)
Ruddy Fungus 2
Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod
Fungus (Moss)
Swaying Mushroom Cluster 2
Ruddy Fungus

Score Card
monsters killed. (*/155)
155  Onslaught bonus!  +15%
traps disabled. (*/7)

4  **Ingenious Debilitation bonus**  +30%
secret door discovered. (*/1)
breakables smashed. (*/20)
15  Mischief bonus.  +8%
19  Vandal bonus!  +10%


Map_ VulkooriDrowVillage

Unique Item

Drow Sage's Cowl  ドラウの賢者の頭巾
Equips to: Head
Ingredient Type: Touch of Madness
Minimum Level: 14
Binds to Account on Acquire
▸ Wisdom +7: Passive: +7 Enhancement bonus to Wisdom
▸ True Seeing: Passive: You gain the benefit of the spell True Seeing.
▸ Healing Amplification +29: +29 Competence Bonus to Healing Amplification.
▸ Will +6: +6 Resistance bonus to Will saves.
▸ Trace of Madness: You can almost hear faint, panicked voices when this item is close to you. Perhaps the latent power of this item's hint of madness could be brought out by some catalyst.
▸ Empty Blue Augment Slot: This item has a Blue Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue Augment. Augments can be found as treasure or be purchased from the DDO Store.
▸ Mythic Head Boost +1: +1 Mythic bonus to the target's Physical and Magical Resistance Ratings
The wise are just as vulnerable as anyone else to having their thoughts twisted; they just believe more ervently that they were right all along.
Loot: End Chest

Mask of the Vulkoorim  ヴァルクーリムの仮面
Equips to: Head
Ingredient Type: Touch of Madness
Minimum Level: 14
Binds to Account on Acquire
Dexterity +7:
Dodge +7%:
Armor-Piercing +11:
Reflex +6:
Trace of Madness:
Empty Blue Augment Slot:
Mythic Head Boost +1:
This mask, a relic held by the Vulkoorim, whispers to those who dare wear it.

D'naria L'roshal  ドナリア・ルロシャル
It is time we speak, [your race]. I have travelled to Stormreach to trade for my tribe. When I heard of the crowd—madness afflicting this city, I came to meet with your healers right away.
I think I know of something that could help your people. My tribe has been entrusted with Vulkooi‘s Gift. And if the legend is true, Vulkooi‘s Gift may be the very treatment that your healers seek.
You must come to my village and speak with the tribal elders.

▸ Where can I find Vulkoor‘s Gift?
There's a temple near my home, a Vulkoori Drow Village deep in the jungle. We keep Vulkoor‘s Gift within.
Yet only members of my tribe and a few trusted others are allowed to enter this temple. You would have to convince the tribal elders to let you inside. Still, if I understand the legend right, this is surely meant to be!
Will you come to my village, [your name]? I shall lead the way.
▸ Take me to your village and I will prove myself to your elders.
'Toxic Treatment' Quest Bestowed 
'Disciples of Rage - Toxic Treatment' Quest Advanced
▸ Close Window.
▸ And what do I need to discuss with your elders?
Why, you must prove yourself worthy of their favor! Or did you think my tribe would waste Vulkooi‘s Gift on any vagrant who came along?
No, you must show our elders what you and your people are made of.
Our elders have veiy strict standards, you know. My own father is an elder, and yet still I was expected to pass their trials when I came of age.
▸ What is 'VuIkoor‘s Gift‘?
Vulkoor‘s Gift is a miraculous container that the scorpion god gave to our tribe long ago. It contains a powerful venom much like that of the blessed Scorrow. Yet no matter how much of the venom is poured out, the magic container always remains full.
Through all the long years we have used this venom to poison our arrows and our lances. Yet there is also a curious legend about the Gift.
It is said that when Vulkoor gave it to us, he delivered a prophecy, "My gift means death to your prey. Yet there will come a time when my gift will mean life to a tribe from afar — a lost tribe that wanders the paths of madness."
Surely, this must be the time of the prophecy!
▸ Tell me where to find Vulkoor‘s Gift.
Go to [A1]
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.
▸ Close Window.

Vulkoori Drow Village  ヴァルクーリ・ドラウの村
(Dungeon Master): Deep within the jungles of Xen'drik, one small village of Drow may hold the only means of treating the curse of madness gripping Stormreach.
(Dungeon Master): You arrive at the outskirts of the Drow settlement after a long trek through the jungle. Now to see if you can convince this wary tribe to part with "Vulkoor's gift."

(Dungeon Master): The Drow of this small encampment rise to their feet and attack!
(Dungeon Master): As the Sulatar Captain dies, an ornate mithral key falls from his hand.

(Dungeon Master): The Drow guard looks you up and down, then motions you over.
Village Guard  ヴィレッジ・ガード
'That's far enough. What brings you to this place, outsider?'
▸ 'I was directed here by one of your village, a Druid named L'roshal. She said you have a venom in your temple that could be used to help treat the curse affecting Stormreach.'
'Ahh. I was told to expect you.
You are to speak with the elders directly - they're the only blessed Scorrow in our village, so they're easy to find. You'll need to earn their favor if you wish anything from the temple.
Here, I'll lower the barrier. Just follow the passage to the village.'
▸ 'Thanks.'
(Dungeon Master): The guard tells you that the Drow temple is normally forbidden to outsiders. If you want to get inside, you'll need to seek the favor of the three Scorrow Elders of the village.
(Say): Village Guard says, 'Follow the cavern passage. It'll open out onto our village.'

(Dungeon Master): The cavern opens out, reavealing a clearing that contains a small Drow settlement dotted with tents.
(Say): Village Guard says, 'Watch yourself, outsider. You're only tolerated here because your city's need is so dire.'

(Say): Village Guard says, 'If you wish to enter the sacred Temple of Vulkoor, you must gain the favor of the village's elders.'


Elder T'raalen  トラーレン長老
'If you wish my favor, outsider, then you must earn it. I understand your need is dire, so I shall give you a simple task.
In the jungle to the southeast grows a Luminous Mushroom that we use to treat injuries. Lately, our scouts and gatherers have had some trouble gathering them, so I give this task to you.
Bring me five Luminous Mushrooms, and I'll give you my favor.'
▸ 'Southeast into the jungle, get five Luminous Mushrooms. Understood.'
▸ 'What kind of trouble?'
'The last few groups we sent out to gather the mushrooms have disappeared. Given the signs, we expect Mrr'Dred the Drow-Slayer has returned.'
▸ 'Get the mushrooms, and watch out for this Mrr'Dred. Got it.'
▸ 'Mrr'Dred the Drow-Slayer?
'Mrr'Dred is a nightmare made flesh. A masive jungle cat with a coat black as midnight and eyes like burning coals filled with hate. The beast has avoided all of our attempts to trap or slay it, and has killed every hunter sent to track it down. It is not a creature to be taken lightly.'
▸ 'Get the mushrooms, and avoid or kill the panther. Got it.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): The Scorrow Elder asks you to find five Luminous Mushrooms in the jungle to the southeast.

(Dungeon Master): A deep, rumbling growl can be heard drifting through the thick jungle.
(Dungeon Master): The massive cat falls with a final defiant roar.
(Dungeon Master): You've collected all the Luminous Mushrooms for the village. Time to deliver them to the Elder.

Elder T'raalen  トラーレン長老
'Ahh, the Luminous Mushrooms! You've done well.'
▸ 'Here you go.'
'You've completed the task I set before you, and have earned my favor. Earn the favor of my fellow Elders if you wish access to the temple and 'Vulkoor's Gift'.'
▸ 'I'll see it done.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): You have earned the favor of the first Elder.


Elder L'roshal  ルロシャル長老
'My daughter sent word of your need, [your name]. I believe she is correct, and that 'Vulkoor's Gift' can be used to treat your people.
However, I cannot simply hand you our village's greatest treasure. If you wish 'Vulkoor's Gift', then you must prove your worth.
In the back of the cavern beside me there are two trials we use to test out hunters. If you can pass them both, I shall grant you my favor in return.'
▸ 'Pass the two trials to prove my wonh. Sounds simple enough.'
▸ 'What do these two trials entail?'
'In the cavern beside me, is an old ruin from the Age of Giants. Within, there are several puzzles designed to test a novice hunter's intelligence and dexterity. If you can solve the puzzles, the path to the second trial will be open to you.'
▸ 'And the second trial?'
'The second trial is a hunt. The cave, past the Trial of Intelligence, opens up into a swamp in the jungle. Large plant creatures often come there, making the swamp a danger to the village. Your second trial is to hunt one of the Shambling Mounds in the swamp, and return to me once it is slain.'
▸ 'So, puzzles to prove my intelligence and dexterity, and a hunt to prove my cunning. I think I'm ready to begin.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'D'naria L'roshal is your daughter?'
'Yes, she's my daughter. I was not always one of the blessed Scorrow, you know! I only received Vulkoor's blessing after being elevated to one of the Elders of this village.'
▸ 'Interesting. Now, what do these two trials entail?'
Go to [A1]
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): The skeptical Scorrow Elder says you must pass the Hunter's Trial, which starts in the cave to the east.

(Dungeon Master): As the last piece clicks into place, the barrier blocking the tunnel fades.
(Dungeon Master): The jungle floor rumbles to life as a massive Shambling Mound rises from the muck.
(Dungeon Master): The Shambling Mound has been destroyed. You can return to the village Elder and boast that you've completed the Hunter's Trial.

Elder L'roshal  ルロシャル長老
'You've passed both of my trials, [your name], and earned my favor. Now, go earn the favor of the other two Elders, so you can bring 'Vulkoor's Gift' back to Stormreach before it is too late.'
▸ 'I'll see it done.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): You have found favor with the second Elder.


Elder K'nath  クナス長老
'Ahh, the outsider I was warned about. Do you really need a vial of 'Vulkoor's Gift' to heal your people? You realize a single drop of that venom can make a thousand arrows deadly...
No matter, if you wish a vial of our sacred treasure, you must prove your worth. First, the cave above me is filled with ravenous Umber Hulks. Prove your strength and dispose of five of them.
Second, you must find and use the Temple Gate Lever, hidden deep within the passages.'

▸ 'Complete the trial, and make sure to open the Temple Gate via the lever in the caves. Understood.'
▸ 'Tell me more about this trial.'
'There's not much to tell. Umber Hulks represent a great challenge for our warriors to prove themselves. It takes strength, skill and a fortified mind not to become Umber Hulk food. Killing five seems a worthy challenge for one of your stature.'
▸ 'And this lever?'
'The Temple Gate Lever, now this is the most important part. It controls the gate that seals off the temple from invaders. If you miss the lever, you won't be able to get inside the temple at all, no matter how well you prove yourself.'
▸ 'So, I'm mostly going in there to open the gate and the Umber Hulks are just busywork?'
'Well... you look plenty tough enough to pass any trial I could give you. And the recent upsurge in Umber Hulks is making the tunnels dangerous for the scorpions we raise there...'
▸ 'I'll just be off to complete your "trial" now. I expect the Umber Hulks will get in my way anyways.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): The Scorrow Elder refuses to help unless you first complete the Warrior's Trial. Apparently it starts in the cavern to the west.

West Cavern  西の洞窟(力の試練)
(Dungeon Master): As the button is pressed, the floor collapses, revealing a passage down below.
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) You notice that this section of wall is rife with usable handholds.
(Dungeon Master): A rumble comes from above as the lever is pulled.
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) It looks like you could climb the wall here.
(Dungeon Master): The ground rumbles, and an Umber Hulk bursts through the cave floor.
(Dungeon Master): (Listen) A scratching, scrabbling sound echoes around you.
(Dungeon Master): You hear an eerie chittering sound coming from the the chamber ahead.
(Dungeon Master): Heat and humidity radiate from this passage, making the air thick and stifling.
(Dungeon Master): An Umber Hulk erupts from the wall and attacks!
(Dungeon Master): (Spot) This section of wall looks like it could be scaled with a bit of effort.
(Dungeon Master): The lever is pulled. The flame barrier blocking the magma chamber flickers out.
(Dungeon Master): You get an uneasy feeling as you pass this area.
(Dungeon Master): The lever is pulled, and the gate blocking the temple entrance opens.

Village Guard(Telleporter)  ヴィレッジ・ガード(転送係)
'Greetings outsider. How fares your trial?'
▸ 'Oh, I've finished. I was wondering... Umm ... Can you show me a quick way to the exit?'
'Lost, eh?
Well, well. This is a first - though I suppose we've never let an outsider take this trial before.
Would you like me to show you the way out? Might save you some time.'
▸ 'Yes please.'
▸ 'Never mind.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
▸ 'I've completed the trial. I was just leaving.'
▸ 'Close Window.'

(Dungeon Master): (Spot) This section of wall looks like it could be scaled with a bit of effort.
(Dungeon Master): The hot, dry air in this chamber smells slightly of brimstone.
(Dungeon Master): The chanting of Sulatar Drow fills the chamber.
(Dungeon Master): The Sulatar Priestess collapses to the ground, her life spent.
(Advancement): Objective Completed! 0 XP.

Elder K'nath  クナス長老
'You've passed my trial and earned my favor, Kurury. Now, go earn the favor of the other two Elders, so you can bring 'Vulkoor's Gift' back to Stormreach. Just remember I warned you about how deadly the 'Vulkoor's Gift' venom can be. If it kills everyone, it's on your head!'
▸ 'So noted.'
▸ 'Close Window.'
(Dungeon Master): The third Elder grants you his favor.

(Dungeon Master): You've earned the favor of the village Elders and convinced the the guard to open the way to Vulkoor's temple. It lies to the southwest of the village.


Vulkoor's temple  ヴァルクーアの寺院
(Say): Village Guard says, 'I've been told to let you pass. Be respectful in the temple, lest Vulkoor strike you down.'
(Say): Village Guard says, 'You'll find the temple in the clearing just past this arch.'
(Dungeon Master): The smell of smoke fills the air.
(Dungeon Master): Deep within the jungles of Xen'drik, one small village of Drow may hold the only means of treating the curse of madness gripping Stormreach.
(Dungeon Master): A guttural chant echoes down the hall. The cultists are definitely here.
(Dungeon Master): You spot Disciples of Rage cultists in the room ahead. Their incantation takes on a pleading tone - then suddenly stops. Something has answered their call.
(Dungeon Master): Sheer chaos leaks into the room through the portal. Dangerous pulses of Xorian energy drift through the temple chamber.
(Dungeon Master): The multi-eyed monstrosity roars. A barrier of solid light engulfs it, shielding it from your attacks.
(Dungeon Master): It seems that chaos magic is fickle. The Beholder's shield begins to fade.
(Dungeon Master): The Eye of Rage gurgles one last time and crashes to the floor. You are now free to claim your prize - a treatment for the Madness of Crowds that afflicts Stormreach.
(Dungeon Master): You have retrieved the vial of the "Vulkoor's Gift" venom for House Jorasco.
(Advancement): Adventure Completed
You receive 0 XP.
(NPC): Elder T'raalen tells you, 'You've gotten what you've came for, and have saved our temple from those invading cultists. Thank you.
Now, you should return to Stormreach will all haste. From what L'roshal's daughter has told us of your plight, time is of the essence.'
(NPC): You tell Elder T'raalen, 'I'm off.'

Contact: D'naria L'roshal
Tell D'naria L'roshal in the House Jorasco Enclave the village elders have given you permission to use Vull;oor's Gift.

D'naria L'roshal
I am torn. I am truly glad the Gift can tieat your people's madness, for there is no honor in someone who cannot control their own acts.
Yet you unwittingly led the Disciples of Rage to our temple. What other evils will follow their footsteps to my village? We allowed you to taste of Vulkoor‘s Gift. What have you brought us in return?
Take care of your people, [your name].
▸ Close Window.


You found a treatment for the Madness of Crowds — Vu|koor's Gift, a magical artifact that produced a form of Scorrow venom known to the Drow.

Hunter's Trialの詰めパズルは北にあるレバーを使用するごとに20個のうちの一つが光った状態で固定される。但し、一度固定された状態になるともとに戻すことはできず、踏む事もできなくなって逆にその後の難易度が上がってしまうこともあるので普通に解いたほうが無難。レバーは何度でも使用可能だが、使用するごとにTrial AdversaryとTrial Challengerが交互に2体ずつ出現し、モンスターが出現している状態ではレバーにロックが掛かる。