White Plume Mountain and Other Tales Adventure Pack

estore_icon_adventure_pack_plume_large.jpg 725 DP / Free to VIP
Heroic Lvl 6 and 9/Epic Levels 21,23, 25 and Legendary 32 quest pack with 5 adventures.
Explore a devious dungeon filled with new monsters and traps in your quest to find three new Sentient Weapons. This pack's five adventures include the classic module White Plume Mountain, plus four more all-new tales of mad Wizards and their works. White Plume Mountain is level 9 (Heroic) and 32 (Legendary) while the other adventures are levels 6 (Heroic) and 21,23 and 25 (Epic.)
ヒロイックレベル6と9 / エピックレベル21,23,25, レジェンドリー32 5つの冒険のクエストパック。